Roberta's - Culver City


Bee Sting and Cheesus.

Bee Sting, nicely balanced. I wanted more interplay between sweet and spicy though. Couldn’t taste the honey.

Cheesus. If you like the flavor profile of Cacio E Pepe this is it. Great combination of 3 cheeses and the amount of black pepper is perfect.

The pizza does need a few minutes to air out and firm up a little. The crust is thin and the underboob had some good char to it. I like char.

Service was top notch.


Spot on with the cacio e pepe comparison. I’m also totally with you on letting the pizza rest a bit. In fact, I find it travels surprisingly well.

Cheesus Christ

Lil Stinker (this is fast becoming one of my favorites)

Undercarriage shot


I live in walking distance so I’ve been a few times. First, I think the food is quite good. And while the competition means it is a low bar, I have few qualms about saying this is the best restaurant in Culver City (excluding Hatchet Hall, if one considers that Culver City). I really like being able to come over here, have a beer at the bar and get a pizza or calzone.

I don’t really think this is a destination place in LA. The real problem for it in that regard is Sotto, which is (a) comparably priced (maybe a bit more expensive) but (b) better at just about everything Roberta’s does well. Even the bee sting, which is quite good, pales in comparison in my view to the Fiorata, Sotto’s equivalent spicy salame/honey duo pizza.

From a neighborhood perspective, it was nice to see the place so busy and lively on a Thursday night at 9. A lot of places struggle in Culver; this seems to be doing pretty well.


Great assessment.
Though, I do think it is at significantly different price-point (lower) compared to Sotto. Maybe it’s just that the cocktails and wines at Sotto are a lot more pricey.


As an FYI I believe they are doing only natural wines on their list at Roberta’s -For those who are into that / or not


They’re actually two different pizza styles. Sotto is shooting for more traditional Neapolitan, while Roberta’s deliberately isn’t. As a result, the crust at Roberta’s is crisper, while at Sotto it’s a bit more moist and droopy.

I prefer Roberta’s myself, but Sotto is also undeniably excellent.


Marinara pizza. #teamchar

Roberta’s crust + Jon & Vinny’s sauce would be my dream Marinara pizza.


SPACATELLI chicken livers, red walnut and orange zest

It was oddly tart, I wonder what wine the kitchen used to make the sauce. The walnuts were very good, they were crispy on a the outside and soft on the inside, tasted freshly roasted. The pasta itself is “rustic”. The orange zest wasn’t detectable and the liver seemed almost an afterthought, little overcooked bits of meat. The food was fine, but doesn’t have the lovely unctuousness and minerally flavor of Sotto’s liver pasta (one of my favorite pastas in town).

Does Bestia make liver pasta?


That’s funny. I was reading and thinking “I wonder if she’s tried Sotto’s chicken liver pasta?” That would be yes. The question is, why haven’t I?