Roberta's - Culver City


This ain’t bushwick. Gone are the oh so “cool” reclaimed wood picnic tables and benches, shipping container garden, radio studio, corrugated metal siding, christmas lights, graffatti, and naked servers at the OG location in #BK. All located inside a cinder-block bunker with barred windows that looks like it can survive the next hamster-zombie apocalypse. and because this is brooklyn, in the back in a converted garage there’s a 2 michelin starred 12 person chef’s counter where chef carlo serves an excellent 20+ course tasting menu.


Instead, this new roberta’s is inside an airy, well lit mostly glass space that has matching chairs with backs, a nice bar, an open kitchen and a heated patio where you can sit and contemplate what all the surrounding boutiques at the platform are actually selling. One place I can only assume is selling expensive pump bottles.


fire and ice - house-made stracciatella & 'nduja
Nice combination of spicy 'nduja and creamy stringy cheese. Kind of like a deconstructed calzone.

sweet and baby corn - lightly steamed with garlic chive and black lemon
Light, sweet, refreshing.

unicorn sighting

(off-menu) beef carpaccio, balsamic, olive oil, parmesan
Chef carlo was trying out this new dish and wow it was fantastic. Super soft and beefy with so much umami. This needs to go on the menu so I can order more.

spacatelli pomodoro - heirloom tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano
As @J_L noted the pasta was cooked a tad too soft but had a great summer-y flavor and tasted brighter than your middle-school honor roll student.

bee sting - tomato, soppressata, mozzarella, chili oil, honey basil
Delicious. The crust is soft and chewy and I love the spicy-sweet toppings. @thechez5 just as good as the pop-up and the original in brooklyn.

grease chalices

larger than the pop-up
Uni for scale

winter is coming

shared platform toto

8820 Washington Blvd #104
Culver City, CA


I only upvoted this because of the Toto


I upvoted this because of @PorkyBelly’s pet uni gunkan maki - kawaii!!!



They need to put in a squatty potty and make it a Platform platform toilet!


Nice report @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: So would you stick with mainly the pies and that beef carpaccio dish? Or were some of other dishes worth trying in the future? Thanks.


Lol uni


A most excellent post. Allusions to GoT, naked servers, pet uni, proper undercarriage shot, and a new license plate frame idea:

“My summer pasta is brighter than your honor roll student.”

I expect pet uni making a cameo in all reports from now on.


Hnnng. :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to go!


That server’s last shift adds credence to this and other pizza glossary terms. Hey - don’t shoot the messenger- it’s not like I’m the only one who noticed this… :weary:


The decor struck me as a generic California salad place crossed with a Montessori preschool.


Hell. we already got our unicorn sighting anyways…


Ohmigod, between this and the courtroom drawing, I must say that you are a gentleman, a scholar, and a LEGEND. :wink:


I’ll have to try more of the menu before I can say.
Chef carlo is pretty talented so i wouldn’t be surprised if there are more highlights on the menu.

Forgot to include this in my original post:


@J_L How did you pay?


Had to wash like 5 dishes (that’s all they had for me to to that night)…


From my post on @J_L’s report. Upping the uni factor on this thread. :slight_smile:

Yellow polenta, Santa Barbara sea urchin, clam broth, pear and nasturtium.

This was very good. The uni was sweet, and the uni portion generous. Next time, I am going to ask for double polenta, because it was creamy and briny and pretty great, but skimpy.


Let’s go together. You get double polenta . . . and I’ll get double uni! :smiley:


Nice photos & write up, PorkyBelly! I had a pie last week and had major psych & emotional problems trying to order…the online menu, which seemed to be for all Roberta’s branches, stated several pies and a list of toppings that included sausage…sadly, I could not get a straight answer from the mgr but I was ultimately satisfied…the question & answer between us was much like the Senate Dems interrogating judge scum…id ask if I could addd sausage and shed tell me how great the dishes and pies are…in the end she ultimately said they’re still working things out…but there was no sausage…
I had the above pie, which was delicious; however, at this point in the evolution of LAs pizza scene, that won’t be enough for me to return any time soon…that calzone looked great, though, so I might go for that but plenty of pizza choices here in LA now…the look of the place was a drag for me, considering the original’s repurposed “artisanal” look…
well, I’m glad Roberta’s is here, and I know a couple other NY estabs are likely coming but this aint 2006 and great pizza is available here from the Sea to downtown so newcomers better bring it!


You. Are. Funny!


Really loved lunch here last week. I assume they’ve got their service up to full speed, because when we went there was a 30 minute wait, though the restaurant was hardly half-full. Fire & Ice was my favorite dish, with the famous original pizza a close second.