Salt & Straw - Best Ice Cream in LA


Another outlet opening in Studio City :yum::tada:

Salt & Straw Studio City
12180 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA


Tried it last weekend and thought it was ok. I can see the appeal for some people, some of the flavors can be intense in a good way. But overall, I didn’t care for the lack of creaminess for the regular and the vegan ones, the texture is not to my preference for an entire scoop. On top of that, it is very pricey for small portions. An extra 50 cent surcharge for the vegetarian flavors on top of a pricey $5 scoop is onerous to me. And I’m someone who happily pays more for good not necessarily great ice cream.

I’d prefer to go to Cool Haus down the street. I like the textures and flavors there better.


I live walking distance from Salt & Straw in Venice but I hadn’t yet managed to try the ice cream because the line always seems so long. Yesterday afternoon after another late lunch at Gjelina (lamb sausage pizza - yay), I stuck my head in and confirmed that one doesn’t need to stand in line to buy the prepackaged pints so I picked up a couple to bring to dinner at a friend’s house last night. We had chocolate gooey brownie and almond brittle with salted ganache and they were both really really good. Huge chunks of delicious brownie in the former. A couple people got bites of the latter that they found unpleasantly salty but that didn’t happen to me - I found that the two together in one bowl created the perfect mix of salty and sweet :blush: . Sweet Rose Creamery is the other fancy ice cream shop in our regular rotation, but based upon this one sampling I think I prefer Salt & Straw for both texture and flavor.

As a side note, the special flavors this month are the Fermentation Series. Maybe I just have plebeian taste in ice cream, but I wasn’t even tempted to taste any of them. Two of them - fish sauce caramel and dill pickle sorbet - sounded actively unpleasant to me. But maybe a more adventurous soul will give them a try.

Salt & Straw Fermentation Flavors for June

I thought the coffee & “love nuts” was great. Not very sweet at all.



Great story! She is really fascinating


I usually don’t go out for ice cream except for Sweet Rose Creamery 2-3x a year, but I ended up making 3 visits to Salt & Straw while in SF on business.

They have a special “Guest Chef Collaboration Series” every month and the special series’ June offerings are the same in LA and SF.

The flavors were Duck crackling with cherry preserves (Traci Des Jardins of Jardiniere, San Francisco); Tokyo PB & J (Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon, Portland); Ras el Hanout & Pickled Rose Petal Jam (Renee Erickson of The Walrus and The Carpenter, Seattle); Roasted Beets & Humboldt Fog (Brian Malarkey of Herb & Wood, San Diego); and Jeweled Brown Butter Rice Gelato (Sara Kramer & Sarah Hymanson of Kismet, Los Angeles).

The duck cracklings were candied and sweet savory in a duck fat enriched ice cream — talk about decadent! I usually like a fruity finish so the first time I had it, I paired it with the roasted beets and Humboldt fog cheese ice cream, which I also enjoyed (bottom right with beet ice on top). The 2nd time I had the duck crackling ice cream, I paired it with the Tokyo PB&J — the strawberry flavor was very bright (top picture).

I also tried the ras el hanout ice cream — the cumin spice came across and was unusual for ice cream, but I paired it with the Kismet chefs’ jeweled brown butter rice gelato so it ended on a sweet and nutty note. Neither was my fave, but together I thought it was an adventurous pairing to try at least once (bottom left with ras el hanout on top and brown butter gelato underneath)

Thank goodness Salt & Straw does single scoop splits ($6 + 50 cents for split), otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat that much ice cream in a week.

PS: Proceeds from this month’s guest chef collaboration series benefits the Share Our Strength Campaign in support of No Kid Hungry!


I had the duck/cherry as well paired with the Almond brittle/salted ganash. Really really good.


Those ice creams need wine pairings…duck…for fuck’s sake


Maestro Leo Bulgarini specializes in gelato & alcohol pairings (has been doing so for years).


I can confirm that Leo Bulgarini does amazing pairings with wine-gelato and sour beer-granitas. He did a little tasting for me that absolutely blew my mind.


That flavor was wonderful!!!


I miss F-bomb Kevin, haha :joy: It was fun meeting him and other ‘hounds a few years ago at Tacolandia and other stuff.


Tried the beet flavor at salt and straw in San Diego, was surprisingly good.


Don’t forget about little tokyo downtown…

I dare anyone to find a smoother, creamier soft serve than at

Tea Master Matcha cafe
450 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Granted, they only have matcha soft serve but it blows away any other green tea/matcha soft serve (or any soft serve imo) due to the texture and amazingly smooth aftertaste.

Then walk down a few blocks to Mikawaya and get the black sesame ice cream.
I realize many of you have tried their mochi’s from trader joe’s which are fine but their ice cream is really flavorful, the black sesame actually has a nice roasted aftertaste and the little crunchy black sesame seeds compliment everything perfectly. Even if you’re not crazy about green tea and black sesame flavors, this is a destination worthy duo if you happen to be in the arts district/little tokyo.

118 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo, Downtown

Also, can we throw creamistry some love? They are one of the few liquid nitrogen ice cream chains to have survived and if you still haven’t tried it yet it’s worth a trip.

You may think it’s a gimmick and the prices are steep but it definitely doesn’t melt as quickly as regular ice cream and the texture is so creamy yet rich. Try to cookie butter with marshmallow cream with cookie dough morsels around the perimeter, to me this beats any of these gourmet ice cream places in LA in terms of sinful indulgence.