Saturday Dinner near Irvine?


Have an event at 8:30 pm tonight. Ideally looking for something that’s less common on the Westside, otherwise I’d just go to Sichuan Impression and call it a day. Vietnamese and KBBQ are off the table, unfortunately. No other strict limitations but somewhere with multiple options for somewhat picky eaters (in the “doesn’t like vegetables inextricably intermingled in their food” sense) would be great. I realize this is a bit tricky but I’ve been searching our Irvine/OC recommendations for an hour already :stuck_out_tongue:

Budget should be ~$30/pp. Willing to drive a bit, though as I’m coming from the Westside something in that direction would be better than the opposite. # of people is flexible (but minimum 2).



Budget? Location (Irvine is kind of a big area)? Number of people?

That said, without knowing more, my first choice would be Vaca.

Other options, maybe Vox, or Pueblo?


Added, thanks. Vaca looks good, assuming I can convince my companions; is it still worth going if you’re going to skip the Paella?


Oh yes, of course.


My experiences at Vaca have been unmemorable. I would opt for Pueblo over Vaca.