September 2018 Weekend Rundown


Very good beef noodle soup and popcorn chicken at Corner Beef Noodle House in El Monte as always.


Satisfying those late night pizza munchies, Pizzeria Mozza…

Outstandingly delicious QPR, even for Ktown (all this stuff for $8.95), at Yu Ga Ne…


Unfortunately kind of had the opposite K town QPR experience at Parks. I have to say I feel like Korean BBQ is one of the biggest ripoffs in K town, generally. Paying $50 for thin strips of meat that they inevitably overcook. We got the ggot sal, shrimp, and bulgogi, and a stone pot rice and the cod. For 4 people ended up being $85 a person.

The shrimp was comically rubbery and overcooked. The bulgogi was very good but also no better than bulgogi at half the price. The only dish that was truly great was the cod.

I used to joke with friends that Parks was the Republique of K Town, but at least the cooking at Republique is great. I think I am done with Parks.


On a happier note. Huevos negros at Anaya. Spectactular breakfast dish. Perfectly poached eggs over what they call “Mexican bread”, with a black sweet and spicy sauce over it, with goat cheese on top. Really excellent. Always amazed to keep finding new gems (well, new to me) at this special place.


Sahara take-out:




Plus (not pictured) tabouli and a large Greek salad, all because we needed something to accompany a whole bunch of baklava we bought at Sarkis Pastry on impulse because we’re exhausted thanks to this hellbeast who’s moved in with us

(The crate door was wide open - he’s just dramatic.) (He’s currently being fed in the crate as he’s on a restricted diet; he’s not in it 24/7 or anything like that.)




Great Peking Duck for lunch at Ji Rong in Rosemead! Also had a lot of other good stuff too but finished the rest because we didn’t reserve the duck and had to wait an hour. :rofl:


Love it!! Crazy kittens. :heart_eyes_cat:




Understatement of the century. Makes a honey badger seem like a pocket pet.


Checked out Chinchinkiri for Hiroshima-style okanomiyaki in Little Tokyo. We were at the counter so we got entertainment with lunch. We had the Basil & Cheese, the house special with beef, and the Ika Ika (squid). It was cool to try a different style…I find that I loved the crispy noodles…and the cabbage really retains the heat…dig in with caution!


Happy belated Labor Day from Donut Man.

Happened to be in the area right when they opened back up after being closed for the holiday weekend. If you’re within 10miles, it is mandatory to stop, right? Not pictured is the tiger’s tail that was fresh as daisies out of the oven omg

(For the record, I probably agree that peach is the promiseland, but the donut on this strawberry parade was much better than my first go.)


I think I want that on my gravestone.

Also, I have never managed to make it to The Donut Man when the peach donuts were in season. (Perhaps this belongs on the confessions thread?)

I immediately pictured a bunch of daisies woven into a circlet, then baked until crispy and wondered at the appeal. I’m still short on sleep and now want both a fresh tiger’s tail AND a peach donut.


This eggplant caper hummus at Lido Bottle Works in racist ass Newport Beach was phenomenal


One last lunch at the Crab Cooker in Newport Beach before they demolish and rebuild. Scallops with bacon, Romano potatoes and cole slaw


lemons :lemon::lemon:


Adam says: " When life hands you lemons, you serve those to customers and charge $15 per half lemon."


Great day


Still dreaming of:
Cassia’s Orange Chicken
Evan Funke’s focaccia and strachitella
David Lefevre’s mini Moule Frites


Such a great event, as always. Tons of great food and booze, and all for a righteous cause. An awesome day.