Sushi Ginza Onodera


How did you know? I can’t seem to find any info on it?


Friend of a friend said he left SGO already, and will be moving to Vancouver.


Is it still worth the visit if Saito isn’t there anymore?


No, there are so many better and more unique choices in Manhattan these days.


Any of these spots open for lunch on weekdays?


Unfortunately not


Maybe Neta, Kuruma Zushi and perhaps Sushi by Bou. The last one being a very hard maybe.


Hi @ipsedixit, thanks for the recommendations! After briefly researching all 3 options, I can say that I won’t be a fan of Sushi by Bou with their 30 mins limit.

As for the other two options, can you elaborate on why they’re a better option than SGO? I do love sushi which is why I see the $150 lunch option at SGO to be especially attractive.



Also looking for a good lunch omakase option in Manhattan with the departure of Saito from SGO.


Saito is such a lovely companion that without him manning the counter at SGO, some of the experience is lost a bit. And my last visit there (for lunch, no less) the variety of the fish was sorely lacking.

At kurumazushi, Uezu is so avuncular and friendly, he’s almost like a Santa Claus cum itamae


Just noticed that the Kurumazushi lunch omakase starts at $300 a head. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I suppose I should look more into the Neta 10 course lunch omakase at $100.


This is why almost always save my sushi outings for Manhattan, when I can expense (just about) everything.


It’s time for me to look for a new job.


I highly suggest the field of philanthropy…