Taqueria Los Anaya


I love Chilaquilles… but sometimes I want so me eggs. Kinda like sometimes I order pancakes for breakfast… othertimes… egg benedict…



Los Anaya will make the chilaquiles with fried/over easy egg if you request it! I asked only after I had mine because I wanted to try their version for my first go, but next time, I will get it with an over easy egg + double sour cream, I think omitting the guac.

Egg yolk + chilaquiles is just utterly glorious.

However, Los Anaya makes such great huevos rancheros…unparalleled imo. I think their fresh corn tortillas rival almost anything I’ve had in Mexico (except maybe for the tortillas at places like Quintonil and Pujol, but that seems unfair as a comparison). There is something truly remarkable about the fluffiness and chewiness that is just perfect with the egg yolks and their ranchera sauce (and diablo sauce)…particularly with their rice and beans (the rice being rather Americanized I think? But it tastes remarkably good).


Yup --you hit it right on the head. Just got back from breakfast at Los Anaya and the huevos rancheros are indeed amazing. Maybe its because there are so many bad tortillas around town, but I agree, the tortillas jump out as being so terrific texture and flavor wise and go perfectly with the eggs and ranchera sauce. The rice is just okay, but the beans are so good – rich without being greasy (even though I bet there is a ton of lard in them). My wife had eggs with sauteed potatoes --very simple, but the potatoes were perfect, nicely flavored with cilantro and onion. A nice change from the usual generic “breakfast potatoes” most places have.


This freaking place is perfect! We just keep coming back for lunch damn near weekly. New menus printed, you know what means, but so worth it.

Tried something new this time. You need to run here for this Fish Burrito Veracruzano style


Back again for our weekly visit. Champions league on TV. Barbacoa on the plate

Come on!


This is probably my favorite special there. Though the machaca is recently vying for my favorite dish.


Machaca? I got to try!

Today hangover visit . Flautas starter is great


Do they have booze now? Or was that BYOB?



BYO yes


It was one of those Chilaquiles mornings and so we found outselves at Los Anaya today!!

The chilaquilles were in top form this morning. Great sauce, loads of egg and I noticed that one of the topping options was Lengua. I usually go for their housemade chorizo, but I LOVE Lengua in Salsa Verde so I figured this would be an excellent pair… and was it ever!

The Tongue was completely unadorned. Just braised to the point of being sublimely tender. The beefy flavor was in full force, but when mixed with the bright salsa and crisp torilla chips, it was a wonderful play on flavors and textures. Honestly, I think this it best way to have their Chilaquilles now…

P got their special of Huevos Negros. Poached eggs atop unremarkable English Muffins… But what threw us for the loop was the Salsa Negra, which was a combo is sweet, Worcester and chile. It was smokey, sweet and funky. It was a bit jarring at first, but as the heat built and the flavors came together with each bit, it was gone in a flash…

The Mexican love for “Salsa Inglesa” is not really known in the states. We know it through Sinaloan seafood, but Salsa Inglesa is a must have condiment in many Mexican homes from DF to Yucatan. You can NOT have pizza without Salsa Inglesa. It was not like that when I was a kid… but now it’s just part of the table scape… and so glad that Los Anayas is also using it in their cooking… to a real unique effect. There is no other sauce like this being used on eggs anywhere… And further proof that when it comes to the flavors of Mexico… These guys are here to play…



maybe it’s repetitive but the chilaquiles with esteak are still amazing


is it only for breakfast?


No. I’ve never been there for breakfast


They serve breakfast all day.


These are the best chilaquiles. I have recently been trying with different meats and they’re all good. Actually had a delicious one with chorizo recently.


Their Costillas Nortenas are amazing.


Had to to go to Sunset blvd around Vermont and decided I couldn’t trek that far without something to show for it, so got take out at Los Anaya. I know they used to have a chile relleno burrito but the waiter said not in the four years he’s worked there, though the staff do have them. I got a barbacoa and lengua burrito. I shared with my husband. We both preferred the lengua. The tongue was super moist, cooked to perfection. The hot salsa is good, but not the best.




Breaking News. Their ceviche is back at least for now. Bring a cold beer and eat this right now. Second time having in a week


DANG! That Tostada!!


Might as well show off the ribs too