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Thread drift back to the old Chowhound days…


When someone “talks” too much and poorly IMO that effects the content. Less is better.


Why do people post sideways photos of menus? There are no sideways photos of food. So odd and stupid.


Same food blogger who wrote thai food comes taiwan.


Obviously you’re not kidding. Another oh my.


Being a “doctor,” he’s probably on Anatomy Talk Central too.

“…from penal colonies of course.”



Was frequently chastised on CH for getting comped meals and special treatment, because he dined with a food critic and failed to mention that in his posts.


I was expecting to see massive amounts of nori, not this delicious looking thing:


The beef must have been very meat-forward.


You can barely taste the nori/furikake. I’d honestly prefer more! Still delicious, though.


Sushi expert


‘yamakasi style’?


My favorite burger place… so fancypants dainty… so good… so UMAMI! Le burger may look small but its actually pretty filling. For people who like eating very dainty fancypants good luck cuz the bottom bun gets super soggy real fast and you need a pretty big mouth if you know what i mean ;D… cuz burger is really tall! Pro tip: squish with a napkin for manageable thickness, cut in half with le knife and rest on its flat side so buns dont get soggy. I like and I come often cuz my goal is to try every single effing burger on this menu.

Hatch Burger - Good! Actually spicy not like dem other white folk who say “spicy” but it aint got that spice you know?

Umami Burger - BEST! Newcomers should probably get this to experience what umami burger is like. The parmesan crisp is so fehawflehae good :

Truffle Burger - DECADENCE! If the refined sir and/or lady doth require an exquisite break from the bougy fast food one encounters so often in dealing with the burger or the lowly peasant seeketh to expand his tongue’s expectations the burger herein doth satisfy. Actually it gets pretty neuks fast even though its frikkin delicious for the first few bites. actually its not that great its just expensive.

Cali Burger - Good! Tastes very typical burger if you came to umami better off getting something more exotic and umami yadidafeelme?

Manly Burger - MANLY! I get this when i feel ppl question my already insanely apparent masculinity. This is like the carl’s jr western six dollar burger JACKED UP very good but you probably wanna get like a pickle or lemon up yo drank cuz it gets heavy fast.

Port & Stilton Burger - STINKY! I thought i liked blue cheese… i really did… but so much stink so much… ive gotten this about three times cuz i always think i like blue cheese but so much stank… i get woozy after a few bites and usually i end up jus taking out some cheese cuz so much stank… so much…

Greenbird: my pansy healthy friends usually get this, i havnt personally tried but everyone always realllly enjoys this fake burger

Thin Fries: very good typical thin fries i like but usually dont have enough cash moneys to justify buying it.

Sweet Potato Fries: depends on the person… they put a bit of cinnamon on it which i really wish they didnt but some people like… meh

Smushed Potatoes: ermaghed… so gut… favorite side hands down like on the table. They be like crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside i like to suffocate them with pepper and keep dunking them in the sauce again and again and then soak up any juices that fall from my burger until i lick the sauce off and then eat it.

Umami Ketchup: i dont like ketchup so i dont pay attention… its supposed to be different like umami or something

they have like a mustard aioli… best sauce at umami like the best honey mustard but better i dip my potatoes in them and i like

and Umami has a hidden menu i think it varies from place to place but ive heard of a diablo burger, supposed to be very spicy if ur into that kind of thing but im not sure and also you didnt hear it from me actually whut?

Overall pretty pricey for a burger meal, umami gets a bit overrated but everyone should still try it for sure. YEAH!

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Side Note: @Bigmouth. I was thinking of finally trying the “pansy healthy” Greenbird, but unfortunately it seems to be discontinued.


I find that I really dislike this era of not using proper English, diction and grammar.


Oh, thank you so much!!! Now you don’t say “sando,” do you??? :slight_smile:


This is actually a Sephora review for a liquid eyeliner, but seemed to fit this thread well enough :joy:

“This eyeliner is a nice cheaper option than most of the others one the only problem is that it does flake off pretty hard after 8 hours HOWEVER this eyeliner is very waterproof. I was eating takis and got some powder stuck in my eyes and I had to rinse them with water and my eyeliner was still in place. I was very impressed.”



What an asshole. Booked means booked. How hard is that to understand?