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Thread drift back to the old Chowhound days…


When someone “talks” too much and poorly IMO that effects the content. Less is better.


Why do people post sideways photos of menus? There are no sideways photos of food. So odd and stupid.


Same food blogger who wrote thai food comes taiwan.


Obviously you’re not kidding. Another oh my.


Being a “doctor,” he’s probably on Anatomy Talk Central too.

“…from penal colonies of course.”



Was frequently chastised on CH for getting comped meals and special treatment, because he dined with a food critic and failed to mention that in his posts.


I was expecting to see massive amounts of nori, not this delicious looking thing:


The beef must have been very meat-forward.


You can barely taste the nori/furikake. I’d honestly prefer more! Still delicious, though.


Sushi expert