The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


Post your shame here.

Lil Toni’s, NoHo. Even the crispy pepperoni couldn’t save this shit. But I ate it all anyway.

Not pictured: strawberry/chocolate shake, large lemonade.

August 2017 Weekend Rundown
Pizza Burger, Anyone?

Deluxe artisan chicken sandwich from McDonalds on potato bun.


Because I’m a classy bitch.


The water for that ice better have come from an artesian well in San Bernardino. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2 Double Doubles is some serious business!


You are so rad, @Ns1. I’m dying to see what everyone eats when the real restaurants close. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Huh? At McDonalds???

The sandwich - Yes; the bun - not here!


If you’re asking if the potato bun is from McD then yes. As part of the “artisan” sandwich you can choose between sesame, artisan(brioche?), and potato.

IIRC Los Angeles is/was a pilot market for this.


I’ll have to check that out. I don’t go to McD’s often, but that bun might make a difference. I Googled their menu and the sandwich was there with their regular bun. No choices listed.


It is far, far, far superior to the regular sesame bun.


Does hangover food count? I gorged on a Five Guys Double Cheeseburger w/raw onions & fries last week.


I saw it on the menu at one in Seattle.


:fisttbump: if you recognize this on sight.


@Ns1 You should recognize it based on the plate alone…and the wrapped Polish dog to the left. Now I want a hot dog with kraut…perhaps tomorrow.




No fist bump for you.


Costco “pizza”, right?


The Costco by my son’s high school keeps a lot of the student body fed at bargain rates. The current remodel has temporarily nixed the food counter. Kids must be losing weight…


Ahhh… We don’t have a Costco near my 'hood.


Okay, by the light of the tv, I tore pieces off a half loaf of baguette and slathered them with sweet butter and then thought, “Oh, don’t I have some smoked oysters in the cupboard?!”

But I didn’t, I had a red can that looked like a sardine can full of not sardines, but excellent, yummy, fat little fillets of mysterious fish.

Japanese food in a can in the dark.