The Madness that is Shake Shack - Is it an Expensive Fast Food Burger? A Cheaper Gourmet Burger? (vs. Golden State) - Review and Pics


Tomatoes are in the nightshade family (so is tobacco) and they exacerbate rheumatoid arthritis.

Lycopene is healthy. I think people should be free to make their own decisions on tomatoes AND MSG; I never called for a ban.


If you have health issues, everything that tastes good is bad for you.


LOL - ain’t that the truth, Ns1!

I love Trader Joe’s Cheese Crunchies, but since I have trouble with corn, dairy and MSG, I obviously limit my consumption.


Almost anything can kill you if you’re allergic to it. And if you eat too much of something it can make you sick. Just common sense. And if you read about ‘studies in mice,’ you need to remember that the doses they are given are enormous.


Blaylock maintains that vaccines such as the H1N1 vaccine are dangerous or ineffective; that dental amalgams and fluoridated water are harmful to our health; and that aluminum cookware, aspartame, and MSG are toxic

fuck this guy. full stop.

…and that’s the last response I’ll have on this subject.


He’s a quack.


Then you are essentially a religious zealot. The rest of us will rely upon the scientific method to take our cues.

Or…you know, common sense, as your view would entail that everyone in Japan would be severely cognitively impaired and have their lifespan shortened significantly. Yet the exact opposite is true.


I checked his Wikipedia page and I certainly align myself with the late Robert Todd Carroll’s skepticsm about religion.


That’s a lot of sauces.


Love that this thread is getting back to the important issues.



You like the juice?


Shack burger and chicken shack. This was my first time trying the fried chicken sandwich and it was everything @Ns1 promised. Coating was crisp and well fried. Mayo wasn’t overpowering. Pickles were crunchy and briny. Really my only complaint was the white meat chicken – generally prefer dark myself.

Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS

That’s definitely the power play for me, going with the wife and splitting a burger/chicken sandwich to get the best of both worlds.

I try to get stuff at SS that I can’t get at InO, that way they can both have a place in my heart.


Well said.


This is love.


Just saw this in the Register…


hopefully it’s better than their bbq beef brisket sandwich.


Yes, that brisket is odd: filling, but messy; overly sweet.


high fructose corn syrup is the primary ingredient of almost EVERYTHING at costco