The Madness that is Shake Shack - Is it an Expensive Fast Food Burger? A Cheaper Gourmet Burger? (vs. Golden State) - Review and Pics


yeah, but it adds a certain savor to the usb drives, bill o’reilly hardcovers and economy sized bottles of bleach thats positively ADDICTING.


Looks like Shake Shack will soon be offering their own take on the hot chicken sandwich.


Tried Shake Shack’s hot chicken sandwich, which is available for order via their app only this weekend. It was fine but nothing special imo. I think I actually prefer their regular fried chicken. Bottom line: Howlin’ Ray’s has nothing to fear.


Thanks for the report back @Bigmouth. :slight_smile:


Had it this Friday totally feel the same.


Dang. . .
Just saw this on Thrillist…looks so good but pics can be deceiving tho’.
Still gonna try soon.


Tried the griddled chicken club, a new app-only item at Shake Shack. My take was pretty much the same as other reviews I’ve read online.

Everything about the sandwich is on point – except for the chicken itself. It looks like chicken breast but has an almost spongy texture like it’s reconstituted, which creates a weird cognitive dissonance. The chicken is also a total salt lick even without the bacon.

All in all, kind of a disappointment. I think they would have been better off making it a chicken burger – or even just a BLT.


The best chicken sandwich I’ve had in a long while was at Son of a Gun. Not cheap, but tasty.


The chick n shack @ SS is cheap and tasty and now I want one.


It’s outstanding. But this isn’t the fried chicken sandwich I’m talking about. The fried chicken at SS is actually pretty delicious. Not Son of a Gun good, but way better than the griddled chicken club I tried above.

Now you’ve got me thinking … what if you added bacon to the fried chicken sandwich?


Sounds saltlicious, especially after adding copius amounts of hot sauce.


$11.26 well spent. The smoke shack is perfection.

Next time I’m going to pass on the fries. Re: pricing, have any of y’all see how much regular burgers cost at fast food joints these days? Makes shake shack seem like a relative value.


They look quite pale. Were they limp?


Grab bag of crisp and limp. I’ve had better from them. That big ol limp one on top was the worst and I didn’t eat it.


Me neither. They don’t have a drive-thru. :blush:


This thread is a crack-up. Where’s @linus?


In bed


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