The Thai Thing on 3rd. Someone Report Please!


I think none of us have been.

And even though I’m across the street unfortunately I’m a lamo on keto right now (15lbs in 3 weeks bitches). I’ll try it soon enough but I’m dying to find out from trusted sources how it is mainly because they’re posting pics like this!!


What is keto and why is everyone “on it”?


high protein diet / to lose weight


Hi fat, average protein, almost no carbs.


Super effective weight to drop loads of weight while still eating a lot of rich food. Doesn’t work long term for food obsessed people but once every few years I’ll do it to get back to norm. The not drinking has shockingly been my favorite part. As much as I miss it, feels great to not deal with everything that comes with booze.


what comes with booze other than good times?




Hi fat, average protein, almost no carbs.

I would starve to death.


I had steak with butter on top, tripple cream brie, sauteed mushrooms, grilled asparagus, salad for dinner


Certainly no one goes hungry on that kind of diet. But there are those cravings :slight_smile:


Nice! I’ve lost 25 lbs just cutting out carbs and alcohol during the week and trying not to go completely off the rails on the weekends.


Yes. I’m a grown up though.

I like how nobody cares about the original post lol… keto is interesting

(will pause at month end for long wine country adjacent road trip)


AKA “Weight loss in order to prepare for a role”, in the local biz vernacular.


Code for not eating.


Last night. Potato for guests


And don’t forget: No salt or sodium for a minimum of three days prior.


huh? never heard that. keto requires a lot more salt in fact.


@nemroz Ita a different diet. The red carpet diet. Another version is wait until you’re dizzy from hunger, then eat five almonds.


Running with limbs inside trash bags.