TonyC Working Overtime Too



the ding’s garden revelation caught me off guard - i just drove by the location on my way from cluck2go for lunch.

it’s as if he’s lurking with references to chinese ramen.


Sigh, more to add to my list of places to try…


TonyC is kind of s gangster I have to say. Going to have to hang with him more


Don’t let his Internet persona fool you. In real life, he’s nothing but a soft-spoken, charming, gentlemen.


Not my experience. GANGSTA


Ipse is right. Have you seen TonyC’s Instagram? Mostly pictures of his kids.


I’m one of the people that hits the nights hard precisely because i have kid pics on insta :slight_smile:


qiwei kitchen & chibiscus ramen are still under construction at the ranch 99 on main in alhambra. they made space between the two main extrances with

to the south and

to the north. to the north of the north entrance, yay another boba establishment:


Yeah, but at least it’s a Half & Half Express, so one of the OG boba places. More innovator than imitator.


in the interests of full disclosure; i like boba. but i also had a friend who used to drink 2-3 a day and developed a kidney stone that was an absolute b—h to pass. i elected to swear off boba rather than risk having the same thing happen to me, although i’m almost mature enough to practice more restraint nowadays.