'Top Chef' alum Shirley Chung wants to change the way people think about Chinese


Nooooo we want to hear your ramblings on the affordability of Westside vs SGV offerings. Please come back!!!


+1, traffic seems to be getting worse every year.


You can beat the traffic by taking the Gold Line train. Sierra Madre Villa Station is a six-mile Lyft ride from Chengdu Taste.


Public transport in LA? That issa crazy talk…


We actually didn’t get a press release. I’ve reached out to Shirley for months, actually more than a year, to try and get more information. The piece we did is just a reblog of the Times piece, but we’re hoping to get more intel along with interior photos very soon. Stay tuned. No need to get too annoyed here, this is sometimes how news on new restaurants comes out.


I think your own feelings are more in play than anything else. if good authentic cuisine is enough on its own to guarantee success, pok pok would still be in business.

??? I live no where near poke poke. Not only do you keep changing the target, you keep moving it as well. WTF?? This is the sign of someone who keeps losing an arguement, and figures morphing it into somethimg else will change the outcome. What in goodness are you doing? LOL

i’m done.

I’ll translate this one. ""I’M TAKING MY BALL AND GOING HOME - SO THERE!’

Sorry you feel that way.


From the Westside, we would have to take the Expo to downtown 7th Street Metro Station, then go to Union Station to catch the Gold Line. When the Expo gets to the Ortho Climic, it slows down and takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the end. You also need to factor in getting to and from the station from your house.

Next time you’re in L.A., drop by my place for some wine and cheese, then head out to Chengdu Taste using only public transportation. :joy::joy::joy:


Probably is too busy visiting japan to visit the west side


Can we get back to talking about food? The interpersonal drama being injected into these threads lately is wearing thin. People: if you’re getting hangry, eat a cracker! :grinning:


If you want to get around LA on public transportation, you want to stay near the Red or Purple line.

The Expo line sucks once it’s on surface streets, though I’d still rather be on the train reading than driving in traffic. Generally speaking, going to Santa Monica and the SGV on the same day is not optimal planning.


I mean, listen, we’re talking about dumplings, not dan dan mian, not mapo tofu, not lazi ji, we talking about dumplings. Not a lu rou fan. Not, not … Not the zha jiang mian that I go out there and die for and eat every dish like it’s my last. Not the zha jiang mian, but we’re talking about dumplings, man. I mean, how silly is that? … And we talking about dumplings. I know I supposed to be there. I know I’m supposed to lead by example… I know that… And I’m not… I’m not shoving it aside, you know, like it don’t mean anything. I know it’s important, I do. I honestly do… But we’re talking about dumplings man. What are we talking about? Dumplings? We’re talking about dumplings, man. We’re talking about dumplings. We’re talking about dumplings. We ain’t talking about Hainan Chicken Rice. We’re talking about dumplings, man. When you come to the restaurant, and you see me eat, you see me eat don’t you? You’ve seen me give everything I’ve got, right? But we’re talking about dumplings right now.


I feel like you’re trying to tell us something…




That’s #theanswer


I’m “AI” on that response - All. In. :joy:


You must have practiced a lot to write that…


Eater L.A.’s article today lists some menu items, and they don’t quite meld to Chef Chung’s claim of introducing real Chinese food to LA…unless you think Chinese-spiced pastrami sandwiches and cheeseburger potstickers are Chinese. I think it’s cool that there are breakfast items, but none of them are really revolutionary considering what’s been readily available in the SGV for breakfast. The menu is pretty fusiony.
I rather liked her during her stint on Top Chef, and liked the food she served while at 28. I’m not sure I understand where she’s coming from by saying that L.A. folks recall orange chicken as a Chinese dish. I think L.A. is pretty savvy when it comes to Chinese food…there are only a very small handful of basic people I know that would think that, but those folks are not adventurous eaters and live in the nether regions of the L.A. area and would never find themselves in Culver City…and even if they did, they would never consider Chef Chung’s restaurant a dining destination. Sorry for that last run-on sentence.


I went last night. This is unabashedly a fusion restaurant. It is not even trying to be authentic Chinese. I don’t know what that interview was about, or what the context was in which she gave that quote. I’d be curious about the entire transcript.

I am going to judge it on its own merits, not on a sliding scale over annoyance with comments. I actually thought some of the fusion items were pretty tasty. I had a black sesame mochi doughnut that had a nice chew–I’d eat that again. The vegan mapo tofu was actually quite good. And I’ll go back for the breakfast bao.


I wonder if the “orange chicken” comment was meant to be flip, and/or she was talking about people she had met outside the LA fooderati. And I kind of think she meant “look at all these recipes we can call Chinese” with her “people think they know” comment.

She recorded my podcast before her LAT interview and in person she’s smart and thoughtful and knowledgeable.

(Just for fun: all the Top Chef contestants I’ve interviewed have been delights, and after 40 minutes with Gail Simmons, I’d take a bullet for her.)


In the Food & Wine article, it seems that Ms Chi is more about her Chinese-American experience.