Torien (Torishiki's NYC expansion) - LES


Thanks @BradFord for the tip on Torishiki. More info on the 2019 planned opening


Yes, fucking fantastic news!

I was not the first one to break the news about Torien, however, but was glad to share it with the board. (However, I don’t know if any news outlet has discussed Sushi no Yoshino’s impending move, about which the press has been curiously silent given the timeline).

Anyway, I wish food journalism would really get away with discussing price so much, as if “Japan’s $150 Chicken Skewers” is really what Ikegawa’s food is about. What a banal descriptor. Step up your game, please, food journalists, and please note that while price can certainly be important information, it’s really a disservice to relegate a restaurant based on a sheer number. It’s also misleading - each skewer is not $150 - and it reeks of piss poor clickbait. Price is important - but discuss it discreetly, or in footnotes, or something, it doesn’t have to be front and center, especially when it’s really not something anyone talks about with Ikegawa’s food.