Truffles, chickens and foie


Epicurus Gourmet, has black winter truffles for $75 oz. this week. I bought three two weeks ago and recreated a dish I had in 1989, truffle and foie gras wrapped in bacon baked in puff pastry with sauce Perigeux. Stunning but every 29 years seems about right. Picture is before opening and saucing. Point is its a really good price for truffles from some great people.

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Literally LOL!


I must say here “holy shit.” That sounds and looks amazing.




You win. Outstanding.


Thanks for the tip on the $75/oz deal, will have to pop by this weekend. That’s a great looking plate of food.

Btw what’s a good source locally in LA for a really good roasting chicken?


For great fresh la chix my top 3 would be 1) Maraconda at 3rd st farmers mkt 2) cut above (thurs typical very fresh) and Lily’s eggs at Sunday Main st samo mkt.


There are a few choices. Whole Foods carries Mary’s which is an excellent chicken especially their heirloom birds, but they run around four pounds at minimum. As mentioned above 99 Ranch has Jidori which you can find in the 3 1/2 pound range. The Galleria, a Korean chain, has excellent organic chickens in the 3 pound range. As an aside I have adapted the Zuni recipe to use Kenji Lopez-Alt’s spatchcock method with great results on a larger bird,
You will need to order the truffle from Epicurus by noon tomorrow for pickup this weekend. They have great cheeses and charcuterie as well. Enjoy!


Epicurus has duck foie gras as well as truffles.


If you want really fresh chicken you can go too LA Fresh Poultry or Superior Poultry