Tsujita’s Ultimate Ramen Champion coming to Fairfax Ave


Hi @skramzlife,

Thanks for the update. That’s unfortunate and still terrible. :frowning: One less place I need to visit.


BYOB = Bring Your Own Bowl.


What kind of Bowl


What’s your issue with Tatsu? I quite like it


Do you think they would let you? Like bringing your own coffee go-cup? I would totally do that. I used to bring my own silverware to Destroyer. :fork_and_knife::ramen: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




@CiaoBob = @Ns1 doppleganger


You are awesome! Maybe I’ll bring some salt next time I go because there food is desabrido as my mom likes to say


I think their broth is very bland when compared to tsujita or menya musashi.



That’s a neat spoon.


You are being too kind to Tatsu.

I think Tatsu’s broth is worse than the dishwasher soapwater at most other ramen-yas.


Yes tatsu is the worst I dog on it all the time trash broth no complexity


Also not a huge fan of tatsu have had poor tasting broth and overly cooked noodles there more than a few times