Valentines day 2017 dinner recs



Hilarious Valentine’s Day cheer from Besha Rodell’s IG feed:


Ugh…the poor cow died so it could be hacked up in a ridiculous shape. I really don’t get the fascination of heart-shaped food for Valentine’s Day.


Le Petit Paris


Asparagus with hollaindaise and club sandwiches. This might work.


My first suggestion was Patina, but you said no to “Patina places” (not sure why, but it is what it is).


That’s where we usually go. They are good and consistent, but I just feel the need for a change of venue.


That’s another way of looking at it :grimacing:.


That looks like a pretty good rec. I’ve commented on this before. It is getting harder to find places - especially in dtla - to take parents and grandparents for a nice, quiet, white tablecloth meal.


How about Kinjiro? One of the quietest spots in all of LA.


Not up to the presentation standards of @Bookwich’s pie, but points for the tomato rose. I got this from Hank’s in Playa.

Also picked up a very thoughtful valentine’s gift for a visiting friend…


Funny you should mention Kinjiro. It’s a place I wanted to take my aunt. She was born in Japan and used to love coming in from O.C. to Sawtelle and Little Tokyo on her birthday. She’s getting up in years and traveling is confusing for her now. It’s a bummer, because she would probably love it. Plus at the moment I haven’t been able to get myself in. But that’s another story :angry:.

That was long-winded. But what I was inquiring about is a place for the Pasadena “hat lady”, “teacup club” set like my grandmother. Their food preferences would be “asparagus with hollaindaise and club sandwiches” like Bookwich wrote. I mentioned the Jonathan Club as a joke. They were a restricted club back in the day and probably still are to a certain extent. My grandmother and her friends would not have been permitted, no matter how elegant they are.

Anyway, ipse’s French place seems lovely.

There’s your daily dtla history lesson :relaxed:.


How about the Chado Tea Room next to the Japanese American Museum in Little Tokyo? I’ve never been but i always see it when i get of the yellow line on 1st Street.


Oh sweet. We had one on 3rd St that closed down. Thanks.


What could possibly beat last year’s heart-shaped pizza?

A roughly heart-shaped plate of straight-outta-the-can cinnamon rolls?

happy VD luvz


Hmmm… I am not really seeing the :heart: shape. Oh well, they tried. :joy::joy: They make a great NY-style pizza, so all is forgiven. :heart_eyes:

LaRocca’s Pizza


It looks like Mickey Mouse.


There are some associations you make early in life. For me, “VD” will always make me first think, “venereal disease.”

I know not why.

The end.


You so crazy