Valentines day 2017 dinner recs


Spring might work! So bored with the Patina places. Thanks, @PorkyBelly


Okay, spring, otium, drago centro


[quote=“Bookwich, post:59, topic:4971”]
where do you take an elegant 75-year old woman from Pasadena for Friday lunch?
[/quote]The Jonathan Club? Just kidding.

Pacific Dining Car? They have afternoon tea.


Need: dessert I can bring home for later consumption. Ideally somewhere along the 134/101/170 area.

Bonus points for pairing well with cioppino




Not open for lunch


I love cioppino. Sorry, that’s all I got.


Pacific cheesecake company?




Yeah, Spring is pretty much your best bet for that kind of thing, but you’re not going to be pinching pennies there. For lunch, I am not sure if you can actually spend much more than Spring in DTLA short of doing lunch omakase at Q?


Great suggestion.

Looking for 1 step above Portos.


Is Altadena OK? 'Cuz Leo Bulgarini is now making Sicilian-style cassata from imported ricotta and almond/raspberry marzipan, topped with Meyer lemon rinds…

Or of course you can always bring home a kilo of the pistacchio gelato…


Oh dang I thought it was for weekend…


love costs $1.79


The Raymond…edit…oops, just realized you were specific re DTLA. Perhaps Faith and Flower to please the Pasadenan in her…and they have a prix fixe lunch menu that is pretty reasonable, tho’ they can be slow on service. We had a retirement lunch there (12 people)…food was okay, not wow, but the interior décor may be enough to balance it out.


Thank you, I’ll check it out. “Inoffensive” food and a calm atmosphere is the aim here. :slight_smile:


Spontaneous advice for people without plans. Pick a street you like and go early; stroll around and pop into whatever restaurant strikes your fancy and isn’t too busy. We just remembered we didn’t stay in last year and did just that. We had an early dinner then dessert at a different spot. It was so relaxed.

We’re off to do it again!

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweethearts!


Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Nothing but love. Pizza love. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My kinda’ gal


Where from???