Vegetarian/Vegan mains for a Grill


Speaking of Jackfruit, Angela Means who played Felicia in the Friday movies (Bye Felicia) opened a place called Jackfruit Cafe inside the King’s Donuts on Crenshaw. The building looks like it was a Taco Bell. According to Yelp they’re closed until April 5th. Dommy and I haven’t been but it’s on our list to go.

2959 Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles.


Sorry - don’t know. Just thought I’d post those things that seemed relevant and weren’t mentioned yet. Vegetarians aren’t so hard to accommodate. When it comes to more hearty food for vegans, I kinda give up.


C’mon, Robert, surely you jest. You live in San Francisco and only have one vegetarian friend? And there was not one single salad or vegetable or fruit dish without meat at this huge potluck?


Canned jackfruit is disgusting. Like a poor-man’s version of vegan Spam.

Use fresh or frozen jackfruit.


For what? That one can was my first and only foray into the wonderful world of jackfruit, and although I eventually found an acceptable use for it, I haven’t been inspired to seek it out again in any form. Is there a reason I should?



Just that if you did, don’t use canned.


So, the next time I don’t eat jackfruit, I should not eat frozen instead of not eating canned. Got it.


Frozen jackfruit might be now available at some non-ethnic stores, but fresh? That I’ve never seen except at some ethnic markets.


Your perspective fails to take into account that of a vegan.


Thank god.


Canned jackfruit in brine is disgusting.
Canned jackfruit in water is acceptable.

Many indians i know use the canned water version for indian jackfruit dishes. I’ve tried it and it’s fine.


That’s what I had. It doesn’t taste like much on its own.


Fixed it for me.


In vegan applications, jackfruit is more of a platform for flavors. It provides the substance and texture that is vaguely similar to the meat fibers of slow roasted pork shoulder or butt.

This meaty fibrous texture has been missing from vegan “meat” dishes. Typical fake meat has the texture of dense cold cuts, spongy broth soaked blocks, or hamburger patties. The fibrous texture of the jackfruit is used to create vegan dishes like pulled pork or carnitas.


No joke. I was a little surprised, but since it was a cold winter night so no one brought salads, and against all odds the only desserts were pies with lard crusts, there was literally not one vegetarian dish besides the one the one vegetarian brought. Since my friends are virtually all omnivores, maybe they took advantage of that being the one potluck of the year where they didn’t have to worry about picky eaters.


Some Whole Foods sometimes have fresh jackfruit.


Us Sri Lankans make jackfruit curry out of either fresh or canned (in water) jackfruit.

I’ve tried this recipe and liked it:

You can substitute Goraka (Indian tamarind), if you can’t find it, with regular tamarind.

Edit: Completely missed that the title of this thread says “for a grill”. Oops.


Well, yeah. As I said right after you broached the subject.