Vespertine - The Gaffe of Kahn


Joyous news! Any FTCer who likes this by giving it a thumbs up is invited to your Chow-Wedding (catered by Jordan Kahn), right?!


Can we catered by Sergio instead???


Funny idea! A Jordan Kahn Wedding. Bride would be in black of course…


And Philip Glass could D.J.


Translucent black. Invitations will be on latex palettes with caramelized squid sepia as ink, written in wingdings font by a quill pen made from the plumes of a greater auk.


The flower girls, dressed in grey frocks and bonnets, would toss nasturtiums and twee branches of succulent from adorable beribboned little bricks.


Moderators : I smell XXX here…


Vin Diesel?!

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(photo courtesy of Pinterest)


Totally a David Lynch restaurant.


well, to be honest, it looks gorgeous.
Porky Belly, thanks for the Instagram account. i’m definitely going to follow them! i have health issues and besides searching for pharmacy reviews for treating them and watching instagram there’s very little i can do.


Vespertine is too large…


Not new. In Japan, Aronia de Takazawa used to have only 6 seats, one seating per night.


I like the last line:
“A side order of surreal is fine, but a big squashy banquette is kinder to your soul.”



I see the building as a machine artifact that you step inside to take you somewhere very far from everyday life. The people who work there serve as surrogates of that place, and though your guides may appear human, possibly they aren’t.


Can someone hook me up with his acid supplier? Clearly my guy is shit.


How has no one mentioned that this has got to be the FTC thread title of the year?


Because you’ve clouded that horizon with your write-fullness. :grin:


B/c I think we were all focused on the court-room drawing, which is possibly the single best anything ever posted here. :wink:


Part 2

It matters but it’s not all that matters. Ferran Adria is famous for saying he intentionally made certain dishes that don’t taste good. Imagine if I was to go out and publicly say that now. Especially in a place like L.A. I’d get skewered.