Wally's Wines Westwood?


Anybody know where Wally’s is going? I drove by today and there’s a big Moving Sale sign out front. I was on my way to an appointment so I couldn’t stop in.


Santa Monica, where the Silicon Beacher illuminati reside…


Is going to the space on Wilshire near Ocean where the bookstore used to be?


Yes, the former Hennessy + Ingalls space, I believe…


Interesting. Thanks everyone. Not exactly cheap real estate.


Indeed. But the other restaurant is also not in a cheap area, so I guess it makes sense?



No idea if this was posted elsewhere, but they’re having a big wine sale:



Thanks @ElsieDee. I should go check out the Westwood sale if they haven’t closed completely already.


I did some online comparison shopping and I didn’t see many bargains. Most of the sale prices were equivalent to what other retailers charge normally.


This has been my observations as well regarding their “sales” ever since the Marciano family took over.


When do they close? The prices may go down closer to the date.


yeah, the Marcianos can go fuck themselves…this was a great place 3 blocks from my office for 15 years…I loved the sandwiches, cheeses, meats etc!
oh well…that’s life!