Weekend homemade food dump coming through


had a big of a gathering for friends visiting from Sevilla.


Drool! I notice you didn’t include your home address here. :smile:


all the locals were invited and we had a grand ole time. (i think you live way up north or something)


Well done!

Tell us about the beans and the chickpea dish


The beans are incredible… it’s classic italian cannelini bean dip… with tons of rosemary and olive oil… but it always gets ignored at our parties… people just find it bland because everything else is so strongly flavored… so i put it out with cheeses this time… still have way too much left over… whatever.

chickpea thing is insanity. we had these a couple times in Cantabria in May but they didn’t do so much lamb nor any saffron so this was just my take on it. lamb, pork sausage, saffron, stock… topped with parsley oil… fine chipped red onion… crazy good… just had for lunch


You are a master.


I clearly have the wrong friends. No one I know (but me) puts out a party spread that has the potential to hold a candle to yours. Looks delicious!


Looking forward to seeing your spreads!


Check out Mariacarmen on hungry onion . Blows this up . Seriously. I do love stuffed cabbage. Looks great.


I remember her from CH. A great cook and ‘diner.’


Those chickpeas look special.


Beautiful! And I love that bean dip. Make it all the time.


sounds like we need to invite each other. build the team up