What to make with Three Huge Portabello mushrooms?


I got them thinking I would make pizza, scoop out the inside, add pepperoni, sausage, cheese etc… and have the shroom be the crust. Now I’m not sure. any ideas?


I like them marinated in a good vinaigrette and grilled.

Or slice and saute and add to a cream sauce to serve over pasta.


I’ve done the pizza thing to much success…it does get watery as the mushroom releases water during the cooking process.


Did you mean to write “without”? I think that’s true of mushrooms in general on pizza. With plain ole button ones I slice on the mandoline and then put between layers of paper towels to remove moisture.


@catholiver What I wrote was correct. Slap some sauce, cheese, and toppings after removing the gills of the portabello cap, and throw it in the oven for a low carb pizza alternative. As I said, it gets a bit watery because the mushrooms release water during the cooking process but it’s still a fair alternative to making the cauliflower crust. Is it perfect or ideal? Probably not, but it’s a quick and fast alternative.


I like them in a variation of stroganoff. Also, I’ve made “stuffed mushrooms” as a main course using the caps (variety of filling options).


Oops, misinterpreted.

Re stuffing, we had some - not portabella - at a local restaurant a while back. I don’t remember all that was in them but it had some chorizo that gave it a crispy texture. That’s what I’ve never liked about stuff ones is that all the ingredients are the same soft texture as the mushroom.


Ice cream


omg. you always come in the thread drop a bomb and leave. No recipe? as a ice cream fanatic, I’m grossed out, as a mushroom lover I’m intrigued.


Background info, and a recipe as requested.


I like them brushed with olive oil, seasoned and grilled and eaten like a burger on a roll with all of your favorite fixings.


To remove the gills or not to remove the gills?


Chicken Breasts w/Mustard Sauce, Sautéed Portobellos & Onions on Mashed Potatoes

Split breasts carefully down the middle (butterfly) & scored them a bit for thinner, tender filets (I have a mallet but hate the racket). Seasoned, sautéed in olive oil & lil’ bit of butter.

Yellow onions carmelized in olive oil (maybe a lil’ bit of butter) and liquid aminos.

Smothered everything in a sauce of mustard, half/half, stock. It’s oily not because my sauce separated (maybe a little) but because I couldn’t resist pouring some drippings back in the pan. Lots of cracked black pepper!

I don’t have a photo of the Portobellos sautéing, but they were crisped w/olive oil and… more butter! “And don’t crowd the mushrooms. They’ll never brown.”


looks delish! how was it?


Thanks! It was good. I’m a little out of practice. And I was asking about removing the gills (black insides) because I detected a slight, bitter is a strong word, but something stronger than I wanted.


how much mustard?



Heat 1/2 cup stock or broth
Whisk in 1/4 cup Half/Half or Cream &
3 tablespoons Dijon or Stoneground Mustard
Poultry Seasoning/Sage (optional)
Cracked Black Pepper
Reduce a few minutes on med/low
Stir in a little drippings (optional)
I’m trying to go easy on salt, only salted the chicken.

Keep chix, shrooms, onions on warm plate while you make sauce, then add back to sauce and simmer for a bit, or pour sauce on plated chicken for nicer presentation. Reserved some of the shrooms & onions for topping.

I’m a slow cook (could never be on Chopped), but this dish takes me less than an hour.

Shhh… I used instant mashed potatoes. I missed mashed potatoes and bought a box this summer during the heatwave when the thought of long boiling anything was out of the question. Psst… the flakes also make a great crust for pan frying white fish.



One more note: This one was with Stoneground, but I prefer smooth Dijon, it’s perfect for creamy sauce and has a sharper, horseradishy, mustard flavor.


I made this last night! It was good!


Was it easy?