Where can I get fresh Makgeolli/makkoli/makgulli/Korean rice wine


Does any bar/noraebang/restaurant serve fresh house made Makgeolli? Not the bottled stuff that you can get for $2.99 at any Korean market. I had my first taste of Makgeolli at Cho Dang Gol in NYC many years ago and fell in love with it but haven’t come across anything remotely close here. Seems like LA would be all over this stuff. It’s practically kombucha. heh :grin:


Yeah, you’d think LA would be in the lead on this.


Dan Sung Sa

OB Bear


Isn’t that this stuff?


That’s the stuff that’s everywhere in K-town and Korean markets.


Right, and “draft” is just a word on the can.


@CiaoBob and I just went. Fun! Brobdingnagian plates of yummy fried food to go with that wine.


OB Bear has a picture of a bottle of Kooksoondang “Draft” Makkoli on the menu.

I love that place. I always get #17 raw sea snail.


Thanks for the info. The process seems more intensive than I imagined and explains why it’s impossible to find. Need to plan a trip to Seattle…


Pretty sure Dan sung sa serves the bottled swill


Btw most of the bottled stuff contains aspartame or saccharine. I think I found one brand that didn’t, but it still sucked.


According to “Koreatown, A Cookbook” preservatives are added to bottled makgeolli to stop the fermentation which also ruins the flavor. Slow City Brewery near Chicago is reputed to make a version on a par with the best Korean stuff, but it has to be shipped upright and refrigerated so its only available in the Chicago area as far as I can tell.
Good luck!