Whole quail in Indian spice rub


We’ve been doing this a lot lately! It’s a Madhur Jaffrey recipe - spicy chicken. Super simple and almost better on the quail, with more rub to meat ratio. I add hotter spices than she calls for because I love heat.




Plated, with black-eyed peas and yogurt eggplant dish, also Jaffrey recipes.


Being a born and raised Southerner I call them BEPs :slight_smile: And could you please elaborate on the cooking etc.


I used to buy them out of Texas from WF . They were boneless. Where did you find them bone in .


I can’t imagine boning a QUAIL!!!


They came packaged from WF .


I hear ya, but some humanoid had to do that. Wow.


One person comes to mind . Jacques Pepin .


Oh, you’re good. Very good, Em. (Hope you’re doing okay re your friend)


I Em .


I get them bone-in from Dartagnan. I can get them semi-boneless from A Cut Above in Santa Monica. The other kind I like is the jumbo French quail, also from Dartagnan. The semi-boneless I like to do tandoori style and stick on grill.


You add mushrooms, in this case, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and onions. Spices are cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, coriander, tumeric, cumin, cayenne, black pepper, and finish with cilantro.
Funny, I thought there was ginger, but no. Delicious, nonetheless.