Yu Bo plans to open restaurant in LA


Anyone know how to get into one of the “R&D” meals he’s currently doing?


This is exciting news! I was quite inspired watching him push boundaries on all fronts on The Mind of a Chef.


Let me know if you find out!


Yes, please PM me as well if you find out!


Dang! This should be fun.


I would love to know, too!


We should do a FTC buyout!


FIFY. :smiley:


would love to attend!


To all who want to attend the Yu Bo Westside Dinner for FTCers - it will be held at my home.
As soon as he reads this, and – of course – agrees to do it.
Perhaps @matthewkang can help arrange, unless he’s too busy stealing shit from our site (without admitting it).


I keep waiting for certain blue faced gentleman to say that he’s already been to 3 of the dinners lol


Following can’t wait to dine at @CiaoBobs place!


Doesn’t water stealing shit from FTC happen all the time?


It’s not stealing, it’s sharing. Information wants to be free, etc. And FTC gets mentions plenty of times.


That’s kind of true. But they often don’t. As in this case. I am chiding eaterla for not giving FTC the credit when they “share” from us as they would from, say, Food and Wine. By the timing it is quite clear where they took this nugget of info from, but we don’t get a peep.


Exactly. My issue with it is that someone gets paid by Eater (or whomever) for content there, while basically plagiarizing content from us here.

Same as Clarissa Wei used to do back in the Chowhound days.


my $0.02
I think that’s kinda unfair to accuse Eater. they do come here , they do contribute.
We all use Eater and this site as source of information. They have credited when credit was due.
Regarding the Food & Wine story on Yu Bo, Eater was also probably working on the story and the article just got posted here quicker. I don’t think they stole the information at all.

But if the Eater staff came in here and asked for restaurants to eat at to make a list and had not actually been to said restaurants, then doesn’t give any credit to FTC, then yeah, that would be kinda dumb.

In this case, i don’t see any problems


Hey guys, chiming in here. I hope you know that I’m an active and very much non-anonymous user on this forum. I like what you guys do here for the most part and very often give credit for information found here. I’ve got to be the only food journalist who actively links to information from here, so let’s clear that up. Secondly, I often have my own sources that may or may not overlap with some stuff on here, but I’m not required to disclose those sources. So sometimes it seems like I’m “stealing” intel but in fact it’s coming from a different, and often better source. As for Yu Bo, I know the person who’s helping him to find a space and have gotten direct intel. I’m happy to share information as it comes and when it’s appropriate, and when I do get direct intel from here (like the Tsujita Fairfax location), I link and give credit to FTC. If you have further questions/issues/comments, you can always email me at kang@eater.com


Regarding that last point, I would never, or have ever, done this. I cull information about where to eat from where I actually eat.


I’m not saying Eater or you would do this. i was just trying to make a point on what i would consider dumb.