15 best coffee bar list from EaterLA Matthew K

Nice list of 15 best coffee bars from Matthew Kang; pretty much on point. Any places FTCers would add?

I’m not a coffee snob so haven’t been to most of these places, but the Intelligentsia in Silver Lake has to be one of the best people watching places in all of LA.

I’ve been to a third of these or one of their units strictly because of geography, and all have been enjoyable. Some might be too pretentious for me because I don’t consider myself a coffee geek.

Conservatory for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa in Culver City deserves a mention in my eyes. They have the goods to be geeky, but the folks there are always pleasant, the selection and quality of beans have always been satisfying and the atmosphere is old school and relaxed. I guess it’s the common man’s coffee-geekery.

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Love the coffee at Intelligentsia Silverlake but to paraphrase Mission of Burma, who in turn was (incorrectly) referencing Hermann Goring… I see the people at Intelligentsia Coffee and reach for my revolver.

I elect Intelligenista in Silver Lake as the most pretentious, and stuck up establishment in all of the Southern Caliornia region.

My intuition tells me none of the employees there are natives to Southern California.

Why are they so mad? Are they mutes? Have they heard of saying hi? Smile much? 6 figure liberal arts degree and all you got is a douchebag attitude? Why is your menu on a piece of paper by the register? Did they get picked on in high school?

I rather go next door to the Junction Coffee Shop or Cafe Tropical (Silver Lake/Echo Park used to have a large Cuban population, Caridad,Cochinito, and Tropical are the last remains)

G&B, always had good service. Recently they made me a drink that was a blend of tea and beer…sweet Christmas baby Jesus! That drink should be more well known.

  1. it’s always a pleasant to read on this board a reference like the mission of burma one above, so kudos.

  2. i don’t give a flying fuck where the person serving my coffee is from. i guess a smile and hi would be o.k.,
    but i’m not that bothered. actually, i don’t much care about what they studied in college, if they went to college, or, frankly, anything about them, other than they take my order and my money and give me my coffee. when i’ve been to intelligensia in silver lake, that always happens. ain’t people funny?


I’m a part-time resident of Cafe Tropical - love the freak show vibe; it’s like the circus came to town and never left - but their coffee, which is standard Gavina from a can, can’t hold a candle to Intelligentsia or some of the newer wave coffee places. If we could eliminate the average Intelligentsia customer, and I had $30/day to spend on coffee, I’d be a habitue.

wouldn’t you be eliminating yourself, then? just asking.

Where’s the good will I earned from the Mission of Burma reference?

Ah, but I’m not the average Intelligentsia customer - I’m too fat for skinny jeans, my hair (what’s left of it) is not side-shaved or otherwise styled ironically, my feet are too flat for Toms shoes, I have a beard but have had it for more than fifteen years, I prefer the old, junkie and gang infested Silver Lake to its current iteration… I could go on but probably shouldn’t.

yo 2009 called they want their hot takes back.

Intelligentsia is a fixture in that neighborhood and has been for a pretty long ass time at this point, and the type of very basic insults you’re tossing out here are super lame. and FWIW, I’ve always had very pleasant experiences and interactions with the baristas there, and as mentioned above the people watching is superb.

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Why are you so serious, seriously?

Yes, when seen through the crosshairs of a rifle scope. (JOKING!!!)

not bad, 8.5/10

Despite all the pot shots at Intelligentsia, I still have a soft spot for the place. My first revelatory experience with a well pulled silky micro foam cappuccino. Remains consistent and reliable source for good coffee … I’ve been to lesser joints with more attitude…

I could care less about hipsters or people watching, but the coffee is just not that good. Consistently too sour. In would much rather have Go get em Tiger among others

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plenty of goodwill to go around. just fighting the good fight against the
asstaster-ing ™ of america.
all written with a lighthearted fancy.

nothing to see here folks. let’s move on.

I actually used this list during my trip last month, so thanks MK for compiling.

A few comments:

Didn’t go to the Cognoscenti on this list, but went to the one in Atwater Village last year, not a fan (sorry). Even the Proof Bakery pastries were just ok.

Dinosaur - like this spot. Though it’s not quite as fun coming from SF to see SF coffee here (Four Barrel, which is not the top of my list). But as I showed up on a Sunday, the Guerilla Tacos truck was parked right outside and that it made the visit a super pleasant surprise. Not far from Hollywood area where I stayed, and on the way there I now know where Pine & Crane is.

Bar Nine - Not far from Loqui! No signage outside, and looks like a warehouse (think SF downtown Sightglass coffee but less wood and far more brighter). First impression: hipster SF style coffee, but when you taste the offerings, it works. Really dig their in house made hazelnut milk! For the Americano, the barista puts a bit of honey inside and it mutes the sharper citrus finish and somehow smooths things out. It’s unusual, but it worked. This was a great coffee stop on the way to Fishing With Dynamite.

Go Get Em Tiger - least favorite of the trip. Though probably ordered wrong. Also tasted the coffee milkshake (4 shots of espresso) though the first five sips were fun, and the rate of return dropped significantly after that. Nice neighborhood though (Larchmont), and I am curious about the other coffee shops on that street.

Thanks for the shoutout Sgee

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Cognoscenti is pretty great in Atwater too. But there can only be one!

If you ever come back to LA check out:

Chimney Coffee House in Chinatown/Lincoln Heights border. Always had a good cup and probably has the best eats of any coffee shop in all of LA. Larb burger, breakfast sandwich, and green tea brick toast are all good. Bonus: On the weekends in the parking lot visit Mae Tings Coconut Cakes, warm and fresh off grill. Inside LAX-C/Thai Costco is a great takeout joint, Southern California’s Thai restaurant owners and cooks gotta eat too!

Cafe Dulce in Little Tokyo. They do a good cup of HK Milk Tea and they have bacon donut holes.

G&B Coffee, the drink I was referring is Fizzy Hop, Yunnan Red Tea and Cidra Hops! Perfect hot weather drink