2022 Thai Town update?

I haven’t delved into Lacha’s menu of variations, so not sure if those might be more your style. Ruen Pair is very solid. Northern Thai Food Club is also an underrated spot, the som tum gets less attention there than their other dishes but is really good.


i tried one of the more funky ones at Lacha Somtum… with salted black crab. Remember the waitress asking if we’re sure… and well, we couldn’t handle it. I thought i could handle funk because we love fermented shrimp pastes but this was another level. took only one bite and embarrassing spit it out. lol


Anyone try Lad Nah Silom? This is the evening street stand that sets up on the sidewalk in front of Silom Supermarket offering a small menu of wok-fried noodle dishes. Hollywood Blvd. just west of the plaza where most of the action is.


Nah but this is the kind of thing we need a report on!


After 5pm in front of Silom Market. One of my IG foodie friends highly recommends this street side rad na! I can’t wait to try it.


Lao style vs Thai style papaya salad……

Lao style is definitely not for the faint of heart. I don’t know too many people who prefer this style tbh. Including me lol


Back at the end of 2020 (haven’t returned) both her rad na and pad see ew were just ok but the atmosphere was excellent, felt exactly like being back.


Stopped in at Crispy Pork Gang since it was open and offered outdoor seating. Not our usual spot but this morning glory with tofu was on point.


take out jade noodles from Sapp were pretty damn good today. pro-tip, head over to friends and family for a graham pig before hand.

? Never heard of that

Lol they do these little graham cracker things in the shape of a pig that I’m pretty obsessed with. They go great with coffee and cost like 2.50.

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interesting! we used to love their bbq chicken and the weird papaya salads

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I’m just going to say it Noree is better than Luv2Eat. Confirmed a couple of weeks ago again. Now that they offer things like jade noodle there’s no upside in waiting at Luv2Eat and sergio is in the house a lot.


Sapp can’t be beat! Our original love and never fell off… but it has been too long for us

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Wow will have to give Noree another shot, only have a small sample size to go off of versus many many Luv2Eat orders.

Gonna need to go back soon for some more kua kling…

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Noree’s quite a schlep from Thai Town.

True. All these west siders here might enjoy the closer alternative… easily combined with cultural offerings of the area.

Sure, I’m just noting the location since the topic is about Thai Town.

Finally made it to Lad Nah Silom and wow, the pad Thai was amazing. Complex, smoky, barely sweet and vegetarian by default. I got mine with no egg.

The folks are friendly and the sidewalk setup is so fun.