21st BDay in L.A

My niece will be coming to L.A. for her 21st BDay. Any suggestions on where to take her to celebrate other than the typical club?

Not my cup of tea and food is just so so but younger people and out of towners love Barton G. They do ridiculous food. Check out the pictures on yelp.

It depends on what your budget is or if there are any cuisines that you or the celebrant are most interested in. Do you want a celebrity vibe since she’s coming from out of town? What neighborhood are you looking at? Most typical out-of-towners are looking to the beach, Hollywood, or Beverly Hills. I think narrowing it down will help get you more concise answers.


Magic Castle for that “special” and exclusive feel.


Is this about food or a different kind of party request? Does she like wine, cocktails? Music choice? Food is easy.

Tesse is both hip and delicious - first to come to mind.

Other ideas are Boa, Margot, Catch LA, Elephante, Nobu Malibu - al because they are quintessential LA (you said she is coming to town, so probably want hip, celebrity filled, LA vibe).


The Castle is ALWAYS a great time.

If you don’t want to try to get an invite to the Magic Castle (or dress up), there’s always Black Rabbit Rose.

Everson Royce Bar after dinner at Bestia


+1 for Nobu Malibu. Young people seem to love it.

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Also it gets named dropped in rap songs…a lot.

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I would recommend choosing an area that they want to go out in afterwards, and then pick a lively restaurant with decent food and then hit some bars afterwards. For one stop places, maybe Catch (if the best food isn’t a priority) or EP + LP.

Definitely like the idea of Bestia. ERB attracts a youngish crowd, but a 21 year old might prefer something like the rooftops of Ace Hotel or Broken Shaker @ Freehand. Or Arts District Brewing Co. if wanting something casual.

More info on this person’s preferences is definitely needed.


Most girls I know like going to Perch. It’s got fairly good food, drinks, and a view of DTLA. But these girls are the subset that I don’t hang out with because their pursuits are less chow-ish and more party-ish…and I’m also about a decade their senior.


Nothing says happy 21st like Jumbos.


Le Néant

Thank you everyone for the excellent recommendations!!!