85°C Bakery and Café Opens in Century City

With the long waiting time from the original announced opening, I would have thought there’d be more fanfare with the actual opening of the Century City branch of 85°C Bakery Café but apparently not. They opened on Saturday, and about 2pm today the place was pretty much empty. However the lack of any tongs which was soon remedied by the arrival of dozens may indicate things were a lot busier during lunch hour. If someone imagined even 5 years ago that there would be a Din Tai Fung and a 85°C in the Century City mall, they’d be certified as grade A looney. But that day is already here.


I know. I’m so excited about this and Capital Seafood too.

Mooncake run!

Dat Century City spicy sausage bun lyfe


Now Westsiders can experience the joy of a hot dog bun and bumping into each other when an employee comes out with a tray and yells, “FRESH BREAD!!”


I heard it’s much busier during lunch. I went shortly after 2pm last Tuesday and it wasn’t too busy. I was so excited that I filled a tray with too many pastries, which cost less than $12.

I am still in disbelief that there is a Din Tai Fung and 85 Degrees within walking distance, saving me a trip out to the SGV. IMG_5585