A Chefs' Guide to Eating Out in San Francisco

I love Serious Eats but I wish they’d label the Capital One backed content more clearly. I know they say,

This article was created by the Serious Eats editorial team and brought to you by Capital One®. Capital One has had no involvement in any editorial aspect of the production of this content

but honestly, the one or two articles I’ve read with that disclaimer are pretty weak. I’d chalk it up to “Hey, this is just our opinion and for fun” but the burrito article was honestly pretty boring in its choices and sloppily researched.

They pretty much outsourced the article to the four chefs.

Kind of odd to describe Preeti Mistry as chef–owner of a restaurant that closed at the beginning of 2018. Her other restaurant closed six months later. As far as I can see from Google, since then she’s been doing some low-key celebrity chef stuff.

Generally solid choices, but how hard is that? A veggie burrito at Taqueria Cancun might be a good late-night choice for a vegetarian.

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