A French Dip Journey - Exploring the Interactive Sandwich at Philippe's, Harlowe's, Hillstone - Houston's, Victor Jr's, Westside Tavern and Gjusta!



Gjusta Gjusta Gjusta


Just wanted to give a plug to my favorite roaster next door to Victor jr’s The Conservatory for Coffee and Tea, AJ the roaster is a great guy and his roasts are well balanced. They don’t really advertise it but they also do pour over and siphon brew from the back whole bean counter.


What are they doing that is clearly so much better than the other guys? Smaller batches to ensure a more rare-ish appearance?

if its not too rude to ask, how long a period did it take to accomplish this meaty undertaking?
im concerned about your lack of dietary fiber.


Hi @Ns1,

Good question. I’d imagine first, it’s the quality of meat (Prime Rib). Then the preparation (medium rare vs. well done). Then I think the seasoning / au jus. It just tastes more elemental, pure, and nicely balanced for sodium, spices, herbs.


Hi @linus,

Good question! I was worried, too. :sweat: :stuck_out_tongue: We definitely had to space this out over the course of a few separate days.

And the meals inbetween were salad bars, healthy cereals, etc. :slight_smile:

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“a few separate days”???

youre a better man than i, gunga din.

hopefully you meant one day in september, one day in october…


What a great report! Thank you for being so thorough and taking such good photos.

I can’t believe you covered Victor Jrs. Not a lot of people know about that place, even people that have lived or worked in Culver City for a long time. My son and my brothers love that sandwich! And it’s from a pizza place, no less.

Now please try the French Dip Eclair at Belcampo and let us know what you think. :slight_smile:


I have to agree, Houstons wins it

FTC should set up our own little camp on Sunset Ave., and eat there ALL THE TIME.

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Fantastic report… thank you!!

@nosh is the one who turned me on to Victor Jrs on the old board. Thanks Nosh. I go once a week (for chopped salad and to share some garlic knots!) and on occasion the beef dip or meatball sand.

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Okay, that’s enough from you. Your choice: double-secret probation or duel by… FOOD FIGHT!

Great idea.
And we sure won’t get bored or lonely.
I don’t think we will be the only “campers” in the vicinity.


A-plus reporting and photography. Victor’s looks great. Never heard of it either.
Has anyone here had their home made meatballs and sausage ? Baked ziti, too!!!

Nice digestive reporting! Westside Tavern is pretty solid in my book. Nice comfortable booths, very good service, nice bar choices, and food that’s made with very good ingredients and care.

That lamb dip is a pretty regular item for me, along with their seafood specials. I only eat about half to two-thirds of the sandwich because everyone else always wants “a taste.”


I am down for that, I’ll just pluck all the numbers so we will always be first in line. :joy::joy::joy:


Choice of weapon: Durian mooncake

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Would add: great rotating beer selections and ICE COLD TAPS.


Hi @Bookwich,

Thank you. :slight_smile: About Victor Jr’s, yah it was thanks to @nosh and @Gr8pimpin for the tip. You’re right: I asked co-workers and friends who work in Culver City and they also said, “Never heard of it.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, what’s this “French Dip Eclair” at Belcampo you speak of? Don’t tell me it’s Beef stuffed inside of a French Eclair Dessert?! :pensive: :confounded: I don’t think I’d like that. :slight_smile: