A Hainan Chicken Rice Journey - Savoy, Mee & Greet, Cluck2Go, Side Chick, Green Zone, Tasty Food, Auntie Ping [Thoughts + Pics]

All this chicken rice talk got me craving for some. Remember spotting a nice chicken offered at the local supermarket yesterday.

Remaining stash, just enough for one dinner

Sauteing uncooked rice with ginger, garlic chicken fat mixture

Shocking in ice bath

2 hours later. Finished product (a tad too much soy sauce on the beansprouts and chicken)


I adore the fact that your plate comes with offal!


When will your Chicken Rice restaurant open up?


Which market??

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Is that suppose to be Ipoh (Malaysia) style bean sprouts?

Mine was drowned in too much sauce… should look more like this - note the short stubby body of Ipoh sprouts.

eataly nyc

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When I lived in the area, I went on a Little Saigon chicken rice spree, my favorite out of maybe 15 places was at Kang Lac Bakery, for what that’s worth to anyone

But that was several years ago


This is a really good thread.


I would like to disclose I have not been running the kitchen at Side Chick for several months now as I embark on other projects, therefore I have no influence on the quality of food anymore. While I’d love to find a new venue to pursue perfecting chicken rice I have nothing planned for now.


I missed your dai pai dong pop up when is the next one?

Btw Is your sweet sour pork made with hawthorne, haw flakes, and preserved plums?

We got bait & switched y’all, Japanese ramen-ya style.


Wherefore art thou, Sergio?

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No more popups for a few months as I head to Chicago to open a new shop for a few months.

And no I don’t use haw flakes for sweet and sour pork, I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Only one place in Hong Kong that I know of uses the hawthorn (3 types: fresh fruit, haw flakes like in the candy, and dried hawthorn sticks, in addition to the typical ingredients) for their nuanced sweet and sour pork, Tak Lung in Sun Po Kong, and they use pork belly I believe instead of pork shoulder.

The pickled sour plum addition for sure is part of the recipe at Luk Yu Tea House (Hong Kong) but it’s such a small amount.

Using hawthornes and pickled sour plum might be a bit overkill if it’s not controlled properly.

Is it your restaurant?

It was. Article from 2016



Took the abbreviated Hainan Chicken exploration route. :slight_smile:


That looks bomb. Where’s that? HK or Macau?

Oh man! Imagine if that came with three packets of dipping sauces . . .

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