A Post a Long Time Coming -- El Puesto -- Elite Tier Mexican in Bakersfield

I know this is a little outside the LA area, but there’s a Mexican restaurant that opened this year in Bakersfield.

I posted a couple years ago about a fantastic Indian restaurant/truck that was met with great approval from those who made the trek.

I’ve been wanting to make this post for months, I’m sorry I’m just getting around to it but I wanted to have the pictures this time and really do the place justice.

Especially since Mexican is SO much more common in southern CA, it’s a lot harder to justify how a mexican restaurant, especially one with digs as humble as this place and the indian truck both have, could be worth the drive for someone from LA.

I was happy to contribute something of value with the Indian place, but this place is as elite easily. It’s hard to describe how excellent this place is. Just the staples – rice, beans and tortillas – are so exceptional they alone could make the best meal you’ve had all month. Compared to homey-restaurants I’ve had in my extensive travels in MX, this place is elite by those standards.

Mexican food is a lot more varied and regional than most non-Mexicans realize, and LA is blessed to have many great Mexican restaurants. It’s awfully hard to compare them, especially when you throw in more cheffy places like Taco Maria. How does a more rustic, home style place like this compare?

All I can say is if you get the chance, come, and I promise it has the WOW factor. They say pics are worth a thousand words.

The Enfrijoladas, a must-order on the daily menu:

close-up/inside the enfrijolada

Entomatadas, a daily special (there’s something new and special almost every day)

Sopes de birria

Enchiladas Michoacanas

taco gobernador

Baja fish tacos

Baja shrimp tacos

Special of the day chilaquiles – I’m a big chilaquiles fan, best I’ve ever had! Even without the runny egg, didn’t realize it wasn’t there til I went home!

Wish I had a pic, but I also had the best chile relleno of my life there. You can’t always tell from pictures but I think it’s pretty obvious the level this place is on, and soon they’re moving into a much bigger location in a better area where they’ll have an expanded menu with more mariscos and craft-Mexican cocktails. Very exciting.


Damn, I was near Bakersfield yesterday. Thanks for this! Can’t wait to try it next time I’m out there.


Good lookin out, sounds like it has some bang bang potential we all know what the gang is like here with that kind of option.


If one were to do that, the Indian food is definitely the better to-go option