A Ramen-Ya Bites the Dust in West L.A

This is the Hayatemaru at the corner of Olympic & Barrington.

It’s a bit depressing, since I actually kinda liked the food at this location. We shall see what’s next for this mini-mall space.

Too bad. To be fair, I did not visit Hayatemaru too many times. When Raku was operating, I was a regular.

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The Offalo turned me onto it.
I should have shown it more love. The shrimp ramen was good.
Kara-age too.

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I went once and liked it, but not enough to make a place to go to on my regular rotation. Does any place in the strip mall do good business? I’m thinking it’s gotta at least be a feng shui thing about the location.

shrimp ramen sans pork and pork broth ???


for fucking crying out loud while didn’t the offalo tell me about in that case.