All the food pics from Nov 2018 trip


Mostly simple trattorias because of my unusual travel partner.

Any and all questions welcome.

Milan/Venice/Florence/Rome covered

Yes, that starts with the incredible Bonci


Excellent! Thanks for posting. We’re heading to Rome next month.


ai maidda, an old favorite closed :frowning:
emma was great as usual, bonci, that trattoria by st peter’s with the polenta and roasted chicken, pretty good stuff from Nanarella in trastevere

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Thanks again. It will be my first trip over.


What are you going to do? Where else are you going to go? Have all the fun! Remember, no milk in coffee after 12 (macchiato permitted), negroni before dinners, spritz or negroni americano for girls, house wines are good and almost free! Everyone smokes

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Total tourist time. Lots of eating and drinking planned. Walking tours, Pompeii/Naples will also be part of the itinerary. Any and all suggestions, food and otherwise, are more than welcome. Thanks again!


Yea, we just did all the tourist stuff. One thing I’ll mention now that I think we didn’t need to do was to buy tickets to bypass the line for St Peter’s basilica. Lines aren’t bad now and there was no line at 9:30 on a Saturday.

Don’t tell any taxi driver you like Uber

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We toured the vatican some years ago. Our docent commented how lucky we were that it wasn’t crowded - probably midday. And there we stood elbow to elbow with about a gazillion of our new best friends in the Cistine Chapel. Glad your experience was so good.

We took buses and it was super easy.


Oh that private Vatican tour by Francesca a art affionoda I’ll never forget . 5 1/2 hours later standing on that hard tile with planters facioutos the pain was up to my ears . No more churches or statues , or …My vacations now will just be me noshing on the local foods sitting outside of the trattoria watching people and the time go by sipping the local wine. Probably also taking a dip in the Mediterranean then laying back and sun bathing.


Yep. I’ve lately been saying “I don’t do religion.”


I’m violently anti religion but enjoy visiting European churches a lot. Even sat there listening to mass at Milan’s duomo for 40 minutes. I think a mix of art churches is always warranted over there. As much as one wants. Maybe because of the longing for those peaceful childhood moments in dark Armenian churches with men singing ethereal tunes

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Are we going to get some Spain/Barcelona/etc info? And did your mother enjoy herself?


What would you like to know? This time Barcelona was just 2 days and with mum food wasn’t fun aside from the market. In May tho we toured the glory of northern Spain for 18 days


Ah, that’s too bad. Were you anticipating the food issue?


Yes. Didn’t even have 1 reservation set up for the entire 11 days. It’s ok. This was once in a lifetime trip for mum.


I may have mentioned this here so excuse. A few years ago we were on an escorted tour of SE Asia. One of the men in our group wouldn’t eat any of the local food. Burgers and such were it for him. I had to do a lot of pondering to accept that food simply doesn’t matter to some travelers. He seemed to have a good time and that’s all that mattered. PS: You’re a good kid.