Amazon Fresh Store

Tried out the Amazon Fresh Store in Fullerton. Overall it was a positive experience but can’t see using it regularly.

It had a strange feeling like a knock off Whole Foods. Not well lit, so spacious it felt empty and lots of empty slots on the shelf. This could wind up a positive if there were actually customers but since the employees outnumbered the customers it seemed strange. Also prices were not low. Basically in line with Albertsons/ Ralph’s, etc but didn’t see much on sale. Cheerios were more than any regular store and didn’t see anythingon sale.

However, the meat and fish looked nicer than most of the stores around here. On par with Sprouts much better selection and some standouts like Nueske Bacon or a nice looking tomahawk ribeye.

There was a lot of the 365 brand and the Amazon good belly brand that were priced competitively including some good deals like the frozen spinach and frozen kale.

Deli was Deitz and Watson cold cuts but cold case had some interesting upscale meats and cheese that seems to overlap with WF. Large selection of grab and go that was in between what you would get at Bristol Farms or WF and a regular chain. Some of it looked decent.

Will have to go back for pizza. Looked very similar to what they have at WF with a thin crust and some nice looking toppings. At 8.99 a pie it seems like an excellent deal.

If I lived close and the parking wasn’t Trader Joe’s level apocalyptic I would probably shop there regularly but it was not cheap enough for the staples and didn’t have a big enough selection of the nicer items to do my regular shopping there.

Also, I missed the cart that scans as you go which was one of the main things I wanted to see!


I had a very similar experience. The smart carts were not by the door, and I only saw them too late - as I was checking out. The store had a sterile, cold feel. Selection was limited. I was excited about trying it, but not sure I’ll go back.