My mom grew up in San Francisco and she’d never heard of it. She didn’t think of it as distinct from the Mission.

I would describe it as “between Twin Peaks and the Mission.”

As a former fresh customer, there was nobody delivering the breadth of products that Fresh was, at the prices that Fresh was. They also used to deliver frozen foods and restaurant foods, all under the same Fresh banner. Fresh was awesome.

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I was using Amazon for Whole Foods delivery while we were in quarantine since most of my favorite items are from Whole Foods. Still, I was missing some ‘regular’ grocery items. Cheez Its Extra Toasty. I perfer Choibani Brand Oat Milk. So a few weeks ago when I went to place my whole foods order, I noticed that now I had the Fresh Option no charge (I am a prime member)

I was VERY happy with the diversity of items (Including a Family size of Extra Toasty!) and the only thing that kinda irked me was they didn’t send a text when my shopper was starting my order like WF does. I didn’t get any sort of communication until my grocery order came. But it all came in good order and the delivery guy was a doll.

I then realized that perhaps the reason I got the option was that my nearby Amazon Fresh might be close to opening! I googled it and YES! It opened this week!! It’s on the border of Ladera Heights and Westchester on La Tijera just past Panns. It’s a little tricky to get in there, but once in, there is plenty of parking!

First… I was THRILLED that the sign they had up said “Welcome Ladera!” not Westchester… hee… Community first!!

Second… I was expecting something like fresh and easy… but it’s actually big! Lots of selection and a nice big produce section. Bigger than the WF in DTLA and Playa Vista (Which is a JOKE!). And such a nice selection of items! Along with by beloved cheez its… It also had some of my other favorite, surprisingly hard to find items like Knudsen Cottage Cheese and Joy Ice Cream Cones. I really am avoiding Ralphs since they instituted that 50 cents charge for cash back (a huge slap to our community).

Although they have an Ask Alexa Kiosk… they have several service areas including butchers and service deli. They carry Dietz and Watson Cold Cuts (Which are a favorite!) and a variety of cold salads like Whole Foods (Actually their selection was better than the WF selection at the Fairfax Whole Foods). And the items were cheaper and in some cases darn CHEAP! I got a nice little packet of cooked chicken wings for about $2 and a tub of mashed potatoes for $1! I love having stuff like this on hand because I never know how my day can go… A Munch bar does not a lunch make…

Of the Whole Foods items they do have… it’s not just 365 brand. Some genuine nice brands! Jenis, Clover Dairy and a small but very nicely curated cheese section (Much better than even those Ralphs with Murrays in them). It doesn’t eliminate my entire need to go to Whole foods (no Bianco Tomatoes for example) but it does make it an easy stop to stock up on Cranberry Tuna (One of my favorite things ever!) so I’ll be back for sure!

Here is a little video of snaps inside the store!


Check out Prime Now if it’s available where you are. For me it’s overall the best of the several ways to get delivery from Whole Foods.

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OMG! I wasn’t aware of that option… Here it includes Bristol Farms. :dizzy_face: I haven’t been in one since April the one I go allows the Blue Hairs to shop maskless because “You can’t tell Mrs. Levin anything…” UGH!!! I like their sausages the best and they carry my favorite ham. Will check out for mid week delivery!

Yeah… being in the grocery business… I resisted Delivery until I absolutely had to and the whole thing has been a major learning curve. I made the rookie mistake of choosing an evening delivery slot to get my items sooner and they cancelled my order. I got up early the next day to push in the order to get an early slot. I didn’t review it and I ended up with TWO of everything. THANK GOD I only buy things I know I will use and enjoy. But having two giant bags of Quorn Nuggets to go through meant I couldn’t do a OOE for Be Happy Ice Cream… LOL!!!


I alternate between WF delivery and AmazonFresh delivery (both free with $35+ purchase if you have Prime). The stores don’t carry the same items so I have been using WF for my specialty items and AF for the “regular” grocery items. The prices are good, and the produce has been super fresh when I got it.

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