Why would someone pay $15 a month for a grocery delivery service when other places deliver for free?

And you have to spend at least $50 for free delivery.

I don’t think there are any free grocery delivery services in Manhattan. Fresh Direct, Peapod and Whole Foods all charge a fee (annual or per order). Is that not the case where you live?

I hope your post starts a convo about the delivery idea. Here’s some info from Raley’s here in Reno:

If I were a grocery owner I’d think this was a rotten idea. My “list” is far, FAR exceeded almost every time by what I wind up actually buying. But perhaps some of the public demands it. Now with Reno becoming much younger due to companies moving in, people who work long hours might be completely willing to pay for getting at least the basics.

I guess Costco has a $250 minimum for free delivery.

Instacart Express (Safeway and Whole Foods) costs $150 a year (slightly cheaper than AmazonFresh) and has a $35 minimum to avoid the delivery charge.

I use delivery, but have yet to find a free delivery service. To which free services are you referring?

I DO NOT mean this as a criticism. Promise. But could you share with us why you use delivery? As I mentioned, I’m very curious.

These Amazon services start to make more sense when living in Manhattan w/o a car.

Grocery delivery was available in Manhattan before the web.

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Indeed. I have one of these, but it can’t hold as much as a Camry (it’s easier to park, though).



I refuse to go down that path :sunglasses:

I resisted at first, but the lure of being able to lug home two sixpacks, 5 lbs of flour and a bottle of olive oil - without doing serious damage to my spine - was too strong.


When we lived in SF I used one of these. Our grocery - Bell Market to the old timers - was a few blocks away and this was perfect.

Porque no?

Delivery is good for people with disabilities who can not leave their homes.

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And for people caring for others, i.e., elderly, small children/babies.

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And for lazy people.

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LOL! We came close to ordering a burrito to be delivered the other night. Maybe a ten minute drive max from our house :slight_smile: Instead we had popcorn.

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Where Whole Foods now proudly stands.

Bell Market was way before a hint of an ironic beard nor Google Bus to be seen in Noe Valley. When one complained about high prices at WF, not about the monthly Noe apartment rent increases.

I’m so old… :slight_smile: That I remember when I told people that we lived in Noe Valley, they’d not heard of it. Truly. Mid to late 80s.

I have mobility issues so I use Instacart. It helps me eat less takeout.

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