American Express Is Buying Resy

Good or bad?

I guess I’m changing the credit card on my Resy account from Visa to Amex.

It’s time to get an AMEX.

Not all restaurants accept AMEX though. :frowning: Will Resy/Am Ex charges restaurants more to use their platform?

The AMEX concierge service is a bonus to picking up an AMEX. I’d been putting it off, but I guess there’s a good enough reason to add it to the portfolio now.

Will they accept mulberries as barter?


They only have pull if you use their platinum cards though. $500+ in annual fees.

The incredible benefits more than make up for the annual fee.

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Only for the big guns like you. I’m just a small potato leeching off of my boss’ platinum concierge benefits.


All the trips to HK, hanging with big boy Porky?

You are one low-key moneyed mofo, dude. ;-D


FIFY :sunglasses:

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The concierge ain’t what it used to be.

It worked quite well for me when I needed an impossible reservation to places EMP and Le Bernardin, but 0 pull with n/naka.

Airline and Uber benefits are already good enough for the fee

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Not to mention the participating hotel upgrades and benefits, which are ridiculously luxurious.