Amor y tacos

just a quick thank you to those who have posted about this place.

used it as an alternative to joe josts to meet an oc pal. odd location, but
i enjoyed the tacos, although the mole tots were…well they were something.
good cocktails.
caveat: the food wasn’t as hot (temp wise) as it should have been. no, i didn’t
complain, because i’m not that guy.

anywho, worth the drive from the l.a. area if looking for an oc place to meet.


YES. I was thinking about this place yesterday. Agree that it’s worth the drive. Bummer about the temp, though.

And too bad you weren’t a fan of these bad boyz…

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my bowl didn’t look too much like that.

i think serving them in a bowl is problematic. should be on a plate to better
individualize the tots.

btw, i should be shot on general principle for typing “individualize the tots.”

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The duck tacos and short rib taquitos are great. If hungry, get the Doritos chilaquiles with carnitas and egg.


Doritos chilaquiles? Seriously, not to get too political on a food board, but recreational use of marijuana should be legal, because food like this doesn’t just happen miraculously.

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Just be happy there was no mixup on the “i” and “o” letters on the keyboard, esp. given that they are adjacent to one another.

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i keep trying to work up a mel gibson sugar t*ts joke here but just can’t crack it.

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Like a shark, I think you’ve been purposefully circling around it, waiting for the right time to move in. I’m on to you. :laughing:

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“shot” and/or “tots”

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