Angler - Beverly Center

Please report back! Hopefully there be some spot prawn in the live holding tank…

i went earlier this month and found it sliiightly off its usually very high mark. the caramel in the sundae wasn’t fully melted (some sugary bits), and the spot prawns were reallllly small (and $24 apiece), but otherwise other dishes were good. they have a new exec chef so I’m hoping it was just a hiccup.


who’s the new chef?

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They were $19 a piece and ginormous at Chi Spacca last night.


review forthcoming?

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i saw this…g-dam they looked incredible

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I’ve never seen spot prawns that big.

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We went in early March. Plenty of tables. Ordered the usuals. Everything was solid and well-prepared, but nothing knocked our socks off except the whole sea bream. The prawns with harissa were very good, but on the small side. The banana pancake with caviar was a bit sweet and unbalanced. Would go back for the sea bream.


Glad to hear the sea bream was at least still stellar.

We ended up going to Kinn instead, so Angler is still on my list for a return. I do wonder how long they can hang on with so much open capacity…

I think they have a pretty insane rent deal and with their prices they’re probably doing alright.

omg how can anyone dislike that banana pancake. one of the best bites in LA in my opinion

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Yup. The flavor profile fell short for all in our party which included two chefs (one with Mich **). We assume the chef was striving for a salty/sweet, ripe banana/briny caviar balance, but the sweetness (close to cloying) of the pancake :pancakes: overpowered the delicate nature of the caviar. It was just plain distracting. The pancake was almost honey, syrupy sweet.

We talked to a recently departed sous and he thought the pancake should not have been very sweet. Chances are we got an off batch, but it being the first time we had the dish, we don’t have anything to compare it to. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had it for the first time recently as well - I’m not super big on caviar, but a friend of mine is and recently asked me where to go to eat some. Remembering all the rave reviews about the dish, we set off for Angler…

Agreed that it was too sweet. We both thought it paired better with the house rolls & seaweed butter - it really emphasized the salinity but not in an offensive way, and at least you could distinctly taste the caviar itself.

The rest of the meal was fantastic, though, and on request the bar did an off-menu riff on a Zombie which was surprisingly good (bit on the sweeter side, but within my tolerable range).


interesting. I found it to have such perfectly balanced flavors of salty/sweet as you said it’s an absolute must for me whenever I go. I like things sweet in general and didn’t find it overpowering at all, but different strokes!

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name drop the chef smh.

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gosh… I went recently and have to say this sadly disappointed. totally new management and im assuming from ^ new chef.

I cant honestly put my finger on what it was but everything felt a notch below what I experienced last year when I went.

main disappointment was the sea bream but everything in general was not as great as remembered.

I sadly don’t think I’ll be going back


Say it ain’t so…. Hopefully it’s a one-off :fearful:

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