Anniversary dinner near West Hollywood?

Will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary later this month and surprising the wife with a staycation at the new La Peer hotel near Melrose and Robertson. What’s a good restaurant within a short uber ride to celebrate such occasion? Obviously good food is a must but also looking for a place w/ great ambiance as we’ll be dressed up. So as much as I love Aburiya Raku, probably not the right fit for this night.

Only restriction is no steakhouse.


Ha brilliant minds think alike. Somni was one of the first places I tried to get a ressie but they are sold out for our night (5/19). Would have been a great choice. Anything else?

sushi ginza onodera?
the rogue experience

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Private room at Tempura Endo?

Or maybe Providence?

Waiting to see if I can score tix to the Rogue experience. Tickets go on sale today at 12pm in case anyone else is interested.

While it doesn’t seem to have the celebratory ambiance I’m looking for, it seems to be a unique and cool enough experience to overlook the lack of a better ambiance.

Little Door… Angelini… Marvin

Osteria Mozza
Trois Mec

Big Fail. Rogue Exp only selling tix for 6/5-6/7. Tickets available now if anyone is interested.

I think we’re doing Providence next month so no go.

Osteria Mozza didn’t have any res available when I checked. Will try to call.

Had a so so meal at Spago last year (did the tasting menu).

ugh this shouldn’t be this hard. Almost tempted to just eat at Viale dei romani which is the italian restaurant in the hotel by Casey Lane.

Funny … I just stayed there Saturday night and went to an anniversary dinner nearby (at Lawry’s.) I did take quick peek at the menu and it looked pleasant, if not exciting. Lively bar scene, and an hour of complimentary lobby wine from 5 to 6pm.

Chi Spacca!!!

5:30pm or 10pm available. Take 6:30pm res at Osteria Mozza and bang bang at Chi Spacca at 10pm?

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i’d be impressed! are you good at forcing yourself to vomit?

ChiSpacca is tough with 2 people.

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agreed re chi spacca tough for 2 people…i’ve still done it tho

For an anniversary dinner where you have decided to dress up, personally I’d rather just do Osteria Mozza full-stop. There is a touch more formality there. Chi Spacca I want to roll up my sleeves and maybe wear covert tailored jogging pants for the impending stomach expansion. Depends how you and your wife roll!

I’ll second the Spago recommendation as a backup.

I’d also be tempted by Yazawa (wagyu ftw, though not super dressy) or Sushi Ginza Onodera (they have an 8:30pm).

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Yeah I was kidding about the bang bang. No sane person should attempt that.

I wasn’t considering Chi Spacca for the reasons mentioned above. Definitely better enjoyed in a group.

Yazawa is definitely an expense account dinner place, and not really a celebratory setting at that. I wrote about my experience here

I’m still a big fan of ANIMAL

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If your willing to uber to Providence, you could go a couple blocks further east to Kali…not as formal, but nice food + ambiance.