Anthony Bourdain wrote about his trip to Los Angeles

Not a very descriptive article (posted today) but he does like the food in Los Angeles.


On one hand, “dynastic family” and “legendary los angeles” deli screams Langers, but how could the man go there and NOT order pastrami?

Friday, September 9
On the way back from a hard training, I felt a sudden urge for nourishment. So I stopped at a legendary Los Angeles deli, looking for carbs and comfort, and instead found myself on what my friends Fred and Dave have referred to as the “Scavenger Hunt of Sadness.” I ordered lox and eggs with an onion bagel and some coffee. The service could not have been nicer. The décor was perfect. Then the owner — a member, I gather, of the dynastic family that has run the place for generations — sat down at my table and, in rapid succession, filled me in, unsolicited, on the plans for their multi-unit expansion to Vegas, the restaurant’s impressive weekly gross, number of seats, and number of employees, while addressing me repeatedly as ”buddy-buddy.“ Then he comped my meal.

oh wait, there’s more:

I appreciated his generosity — and his many expressions of admiration for my work. I really did. But, dude … brown your onions! They’re watery and flavorless. The lox, too, was boil-in-a bag pink and bland. And the bagels? Feh! Like you’d expect to find on an airplane. Doughy and suboptimal in every way a bagel can be. Represent our proud and glorious tribe, our traditions of deliciousness, my brother! This ain’t the way. Really. Show a little pride.

okay maybe he IS talking about Langer’s - dude, you can’t order anything but the pastrami there!


i was thinking canter’s


looks like you may be right

makes sense, as it IS a lot closer to his hotel than Langer’s

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Some enviably solid eating there except for going to the wrong place for smoked fish and bagels.

There are a lot of great restaurants here, and some really spectacular ones—the sort of fine dining that I actually enjoy, rather than 22 punishing courses of self-absorbed, self-important food.

Nice to hear they’ve got another Rome show coming up.

IIRC, the last Rome show was great, the one with a lot of back and white photography and seafood in Ostia…

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I loved that last Rome episode as well! :slight_smile:

Canter’s… feh!


I keep trying to tell yall Canter’s is shit. I’ve lived in this area for 11 years and haven’t gone back once.


He mentions they are doing another Parts Unknown episode in the Los Angeles area.

I hope he makes it out to the SGV for a certain um… hainan chicken LOL.


I don’t know if anyone on this board or CH ever said that Canter’s was good… :wink:


crap, you’re right… thought i was still on reddit


i’m sure he’ll be going to chengdu taste if he’s in sgv