Any expert recommendations for a first-rate sushi bar in Vancouver BC?


Any expert recommendations for a first-rate sushi bar in Vancouver BC?

Mislabeled fish at LA's high-end sushi restaurants

Master Robert , this is LA…


It’s LA, but sushi experts are often well travelled, and the Canada board didn’t get much info.


I just came back from a trip to Vancouver in April. Nice food city overall, but surprisingly I found the traditional-style sushi scene to be a bit underdeveloped. Lots of rolls-y places, though (they seem to love their crazy rolls) - so if you like the new, fusion-y sushi…


I wonder if this is due to Vancouver having had lots of Chinese people from Hong Kong moving over but perhaps not Japanese. Interesting. Maybe stick with LA, robert.


I’ve been looking for them too… There is definitely not the full spectrum of sushi you find in LA. The lower end (commodity rolls and lunch sets) are the vast majority of places, and you can find some slightly nicer ‘house special roll’ sorts of shops, but it’s mostly white tuna (whatever it is), salmon (which is almost all wild and usually excellent), and shrimp/krab/avo sorts of stuff.

There IS a high end omakase scene, though I have yet to indulge myself in any of it (I’ve been too busy trying ramen).

but here’s a nice list to get you started:

According to my associate producer, one of the high muckety-mucks was visiting and they went to Tojo’s and he said it was fabulous, but I have no idea what ‘fabulous’ counts for in his world, so ymmv.


This reads like a reputable source.

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Dunno about “expert” but I like Maruyama for omakase at the bar. Reserve in advance as there are only four seats. He goes a little heavy on white fish which I love but others mightn’t.

ETA: I’ve eaten with this all-sushi blogger and I find myself in agreement with his assessment more often than not:


They list Miku, which I really enjoyed for their rolls, but felt their sushi was average.