Any Great Breakfast Spots in Irvine, Costa Mesa area?

Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for great Breakfast spots in Irvine, Costa Mesa or the nearby areas?


When I’m in that area during breakfast time, I just go to Sidecar Doughnuts for their Butter & Salt doughnuts and whatever savory ones they have. :yum:


If not too far South, the eclectic Break of Dawn (but check days and hours) or, more old school, the Original Pancake House (multiple locations). In Costa Mesa, Old Vine Cafe or Plums.

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What @NewTrial said. Break of Dawn and Plums are my top picks out of the bunch.

Eat Chow is another good option.

Taqueria Zamora (in Santa Ana), but just up Main from Costa Mesa) has great chilaquiles and other breakfast items. Not the fanciest surroundings, but solid food.


If Saturday or Sunday, Taco Maria’s brunch (not technically breakfast) is excellent.

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I recently had a good Taiwanese breakfast (fast/casual–you order at the counter and they bring the food to your table) while visiting friends in Irvine, at Four Sea on Jeffrey.

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Thanks all for the great suggestions!

@happycat, oh wow, I had no idea Four Seas opened a branch in Irvine. Thanks. :slight_smile:

@ipsedixit @chandavkl, do you know how this branch compares to the one in San Gabriel?

Really enjoyed the breakfast burrito at Nates Corner made with fried eggs. Hash browns were fully crisp even after soaking in egg yolk and chorizo drippings.

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Thanks. Just to double check, but do you mean Nate’s Korner at 3960 S Main St D, Santa Ana, CA 92707?


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That’s the one. I was thinking Korner with a K but must have typed on autopilot.

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Potzol den Cano for chicken pozole, enfrijolados (bean sauce) and chilaquiles verdes.

Blackmarket Bakery chocolate hazelnut twist.

Bang bang sidecar Doughtnuts (huckleberry doughnut) and Pie Not (sag roll and piggy bacon pie).


Cream Pan for the Anman, or its evil twin the Kinako Donut.

Or S’wich Bistro for a very underrated breakfast burrito.

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Porthos would say Trieu Chau, to which I would respond “only if you can get there before 10a when they run out of Chinese donuts”

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Hi @Ns1,

What do you like at Trieu Chau?

Any other places in Little Saigon for breakfast you like? :slight_smile: (I just realize I’ll be passing by there (sorta) on the way to Irvine.) Thanks!

Thanks @ipsedixit. Wow, it opens at 6:00 a.m.! :open_mouth:

Y’know, if you’re heading over to Cream Pan, you might want to check out L’uxweet, which is just up the street on Newport Ave (x-street Irvine Blvd).

“Completely-too-cute-name” notwithstanding, they make a pretty interesting gelato sandwich creations made with almond biscuit-crisps cracker things They also open 6 a.m., but not sure if they have the gelato at the crack of dawn, however.

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Hi @ipsedixit,

! How are you able to eat a Gelato Sandwich for breakfast?! :sweat_smile: Clearly I need to train more in the ways of FTC eating / bang-bang. :slight_smile:

If they don’t have Gelato for breakfast, what else do you like there? Thanks.

Just think of it like cereal and milk. Deconstructed, and then reconstructed.
Or may be dereconstructed?

They actually have quite a bit on offer. Maybe the Taiwanese Egg Crêpe Roll (or 蛋餅 aka dan bing) with ham and egg (y’know, #BecauseBreakfast)


Phat Ky Mi Ga for duck noodle soup.

For Trieu Chau, the house special noodle.

Pho 79 opens pretty early too

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Depending on the day and time J Zhou is still great for dim sum. Otherwise I’d go for some nice pastries at cream pan.

I’ve never eaten at the Tustin branch of Snooz but we’ve enjoyed breakfast at the SD branch many times. Better coffee than at your average diner. Love the pancakes and the Benedicts.