Any Legit Places for Hot Dry Noodles (热干面)?


Just heard about this noodle dish from some friends of friends. They said this Hot Dry Noodles (热干面) is pretty great stuff. What does it taste like?

Paging @ipsedixit @chandavkl @TonyC @secretasianman and all the SGV experts. Is this something we have in L.A.? Or only in Asia?


i think that’s a wuhan specialty and we have the only 3-4 wuhan restaurants in the US in the SGV (or is there one in SD now?)

tasty dining
happy tasty
2188 spicy shrimp

are the only wuhan places i can think of.

And 2188 Spicy Shrimp is gone. But doesn’t Tasty Dining have a Rowland Heights branch? (JThur01 would remember.)

Qiwei Kitchen??

that’s it

when did they close? they were open a month ago.

+1 (on getting an answer to this question). :smile:

As reported last month on this very board by JThur01

Sort of like dan dan mian and zha jiang mian had a one-night stand and someone left the birth control at home and they were left with a bastard child.


! :open_mouth:

Hm. I don’t know if I want to eat this. Ipse know any good places to try?

Probably the aforementioned Qiwei.

didn’t register in long term memory, thanks.

this may be the best FTC food description of the year

I seriously don’t mean to denigrate 热干面, or bastard children of lascivious one-nighters, but I fail to comprehend the appeal 热干面 nowadays.

I mean, the whole point of these noodles was a way to preserve them sans refrigeration, or ice cubes. The sine qua non of these noodles, after all, is the way they are cooked (essentially twice cooked), and not so much the sauce or accoutrements.

So now that we have refrigerators, what’s the point?

k, I’ll do it:

Shit’s disgusting. It’s as if someone forgot they cooked noodles and left it out too long, then tossed it into the kitchen sink, then decided to pick it back up – cuz poverty – and threw some sauteed warm barf sauce on it to disguise the rancidness.

g’times that Sino-Japanese conflict.


Where do you come up w/ these things??? :wink:

First, thanks to all for covering for me & saving me having to post the places :wink:

Re gan mian tastes like noodles with sesame paste and a bit of pepper/chili oil.

@TonyC @ipsedixit woo! LOL.

OK, good to know. I’d never even heard of this dish until a few days ago, LOL. Thanks for the warning.

i think there’s a reason why there isn’t much demand for authentic wuhan cuisine. i might actually prefer a pf chang’s wuhan restaurant if one were ever to open.

one of my former managers was fond of saying that you could make the greatest horse shit sandwich, but nobody’s going to buy it. i once contemplated suggesting that flies might, but i wanted to keep my job at the time.

I’d literally just came back from marugoasdfasdfwerqwer udon and the lukewarm curry udon reminded me of hot dry noodle’s consistency.

Also, btw, the ENTIRE KITCHEN at maruASEWQRW is now Latino, but the servers are all Asian. So I’m just sitting there thinking: Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain Anthony Bourdain.