Any particular noteworthy takeout?

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A good friend of mine from L.A. who loves food is in Las Vegas for work-related reasons. He is vaccinated, and staying at the Waldorf (CityCenter), and will have use of a car. And, due to health concerns, he’s still a bit reluctant to do dine-in with the rest of the city. He eats every type of cuisine. Budget is not a limiting factor.

Any good Vegas takeout suggestions for my buddy? Something he can’t get in L.A.? I’ve told him about Lotus of Siam, but I haven’t been to their new Flamingo location (which is closer to CityCenter than their OG Sahara restaurant, right?)…

As always, Thanks in Advance!

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@J_L don’t have any experience with takeout in Vegas but Raku and Chengdu Taste both have takeout. Although Chengdu Taste is hard to order for 1. Pizza Rock and LoS deliver.

Walking distance to Crack Shack, Eataly and Shake Shack. He could walk through Park MGM to Aria without driving and access Carbone and DTF. I think those would survive the ~10 minute walk back to his hotel.

Carbone spicy rigatoni vodka, meatballs, ceaser salad and seafood stew would be a nice meal and definitely way too much food for 1 person.


I don’t think carbone is doing takeout, if they were @js76wisco’s suggestion would be perfect.

now that la has prd’s hainan chicken, flock and fowl might not be as special but it’s a good lunch option.

LoS is always a must for the garlic prawns and crispy duck panang and they have curbside takeout.


@PorkyBelly I thought flick and fowl closed? I might be totally making that up.

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looks like the original owners left and now they’re not even doing hanian chicken. pass.


White Castle


Lotus of Siam - cripsy duck panang, garlic prawns, crispy mussel omelet

Oyster Bar at Palace Station - combo pan roast

Mott 32 - sesame prawn toast, Iberico char siu, smoked black cod, wok fried flat rice noodle with beef

Raku Grill - anything under their robata grill section of the menu

Tim Ho Wan - dim sum and of course their char siu bao

Shang Noodle - hand pulled noodle with braised beef brisket

Matcha Cafe Maiko - matcha desserts

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Viva La Arepas and Art of Flavors would probably do well for take-out. I have been curious about Goodwich and Cornish Pasty but no intel on whether they are good.

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Our friends live in Vegas and I was thinking of getting a them a dining gift card. Any suggestions?

I’d rather not send them to the Strip with a a resort card…they don’t go there much anyway.

LoS and Raku doesn’t do gift cards online.

I see Honey & Salt and a couple of others on the EaterLV Essential list with online gift card purchase options. Open to ideas…thanks!


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Beer Zombies
Top Golf

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As of June ‘22, when we drove by, Flock and Fowl IS permanently closed.

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For search purposes, Tim Ho Wan now has a branch at the Palms. They will gladly slang you bbq pork buns to go that taste just like the HK version.

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