Any recommondation for bakery store for toddlers in the westside?

Any ideas for toddler birthday cakes on the westside? The ideal one is not too sweet but yummy lol. Thank you!

Angel Maid on Centinela in Del Rey/Mar Vista.

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Second Angel Maid.

Backup plan: Northgate Market at Inglewood and Braddock. The cakes are not sweet, and they have fresh fruit fillings. Also, you can get garish blue frosting that stains the children’s hands and mouths and clothes, if you want. :slight_smile:


Star Bakery in Sawtelle

Can toddlers eat berries? If so, triple berry cake from Sweet Lady Jane.

Thank you guys! I will check the Angel Maid out:blush:

I think the kids want that lol:sweat_smile:

That one is close to us! I will check the Star Bakery out too!! Thank you!

Yep, they love berries. :blush: